Borderlands – From a New Universe to an Updated Experience

So, you played Borderlands, you know that game that came out a couple years ago. Well if you didn’t you really need to play it, because when Borderlands 2 comes out you are going to slap yourself for not getting into the original game known for its in depth cooperative experience fueled by the shoot and loot system. This game is great for the crowd of individuals who are all into shooters, given that the whole platform of combat is focused on shooting and destroying everything while picking up the mass amounts of goodies that drop, however it has a back story and quest engagement that is focused on Role Playing interactivity. You will run around sections interconnected by teleporters and gateways, collecting items of importance, killing mini bosses and encountering swarms of grasshopper/ant-lion like bugs and raiders strewn about, all while getting mass amounts of loot and upgradable socketing parts.

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