A look at three upcoming Turtle Beach Ear Force Gaming Headsets

Several new images have been revealed for three upcoming gaming headsets for the Turtle Beach Ear Force series: X42 Dolby Surround Sound Gaming Headset, XP400 Dolby Surround Sound Gaming Headset and the Z11 Gaming Headset.

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jaymart2k2327d ago

XP400 look awesome. Cheaper then the XP500 & has better features.

Like rechargeable batteries,5ghz wifi,Bluetooth Xbox 360 controller dongle. All these are not on the XP 500.

XP500 now outdated in my opinion. I expect a price drop soon for these.

Echo3072327d ago

Sounds like the only thing the XP400 is missing that the XP500 has is the fully customizable EQ profiles. XP400 comes with several basic presets built in but you can't customize. Not a huge deal, IMO. I had the PX5s (same as the XP500 but without the wireless Xbox chat adapter and with PlayStation marketing) and the custom EQ wasn't very good. Their presets that came already programmed were better than anything I could come up with.

That said, if you're going to spend $200+ on a headset, you can do better than Turtle Beach. Particularly if you're willing to ditch the wireless route. Granted, you'll sacrifice some features along the way (like bluetooth) but the sound quality you get with audiophile-grade cans is worth the trade. And you can find audiophile-grade cans for around that same price, if not cheaper.

jaymart2k2327d ago


Correction: XP500 does include Xbox 360 bluetooth dongle.

Somebody2327d ago

I saw a pair of Turtle Beach XP500 and P5 at a store last month. I was curious about the price so I asked the clerk to get them off the shelf. He was hesitant to get them and told me that they're exclusively for the PS3. When I asked to see the Razer Chimaera 5.1 next to them, he told me it's for the X Box 360 only.

I rolled my eyes and left.

The clerk's reaction was due to the fact I had just paid for a PC game and for inexplicable reasons I asked to see a console exclusive headsets. Little did he know I was actually looking for a pair of wireless headset to buy and just the other day spent hours online researching those very headsets on their shelf. I didn't expect to see Turtle Beach products in my place and didn't also expect to brushed off by the store. Yes, those models for the consoles but they are also usable for a PC too with the right connectors (especially with Turtle Beach started off with the PC).

Well, it was nice of him though.The headsets are very expensive and some of the features -bluetooth in particular- doesn't appeal to me.