Game Freezing Glitch Discovered In Patch 1.50 For Skyrim On PS3

The launch of the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim patch 1.05 happened earlier today and unfortunately, it includes a giant bug that has affected a large amount of players on the PS3.


The patch is actually 1.50, not 1.05 as stated in the description.

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Snookies122321d ago

Lol, of course... I had the PS3 version, already traded it in a while back because of stuff like this. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the game, but I figure I'll get it again for PS3 when/if they ever get it working right. Until then, I'll pick up the PC version when it's on sale on Steam or something.

dark-hollow2321d ago

Ahh I miss the days when blowing the cartridges magically fixes bugs!

rdgneoz32321d ago

Now a days to fix it, instead of the cartridge its the devs you have to... And even then, you still have to wait a while to get it fixed.

Nimblest-Assassin2321d ago

Patch 1.50?


(obviously a typo for 1.05, but I vowed never to buy another Bethesda game after Skyrim... overrated POS on PS3)

RememberThe3572321d ago (Edited 2321d ago )

I'm with you on the boycott. I'm just not going to go through that again. We pay good money for these games and we deserve a working product, any company that doesn't see that way won't get my business.

It's too bad, I really liked Skyrim.

Tr10wn2321d ago

Is it really Bethesdas problem? i mean i haven't found a single game breaking bug on 360 or PC, well maybe on 360, i couldn't use mods but i fix it by buying the PC version.... anyways is it really Bethesdas fault? everyone knows the PS3 is not the easiest console to work with, o FYI the PS3 version of Skyrim is the lowest in metascore so that makes it "Underrated".

Nimblest-Assassin2321d ago (Edited 2321d ago )


Well that is because you played the PC and 360 versions. Not the PS3 version, and yes it is Bethesda's fault because they intentionally sold PS3 owners a unfinished product.

They just dismissed it as a small percentage, but almost everyone at launch had these problems. Im not saying Skyrim is a bad game, its just that I am mad because I got cheated out of a good game.

I payed the same price as you for Skyrim yes? Shouldn't I get the same game as you? Your not paying more than me, and Im not paying less than you.

Why didn't we get the same experience as you? Why didn't Bethesda just say "we are having troubles with the PS3 version and it will launch a bit later?"

Never has a game pissed me off as much as Skyrim, because of all the tomfoolery and deception Bethesda was delivering to us, selling us a broken product.

And a 92 for this:

Truth is, if you put the time and effort into it, you can achieve it. Look at platinumgames and Rockstar. After screwing up GTA4 and Bayonetta, they learned from their mistakes and made great games for both consoles in the form of Vanquish and RDR...

So why doesn't Bethesda learn like they did?

Fallout 3 was inferior compared to the 360 and PC versions.

Especially odd, because 360 and PS3 are almost even.

Truth is, Bethesda got their GOTY's they got my money... they honestly did not care enough for the PS3 version and obviously put more time and effort into the 360 one.


They only sent XBOX and PC

And somehow the PS3 version gets 92... with only 2 of those reviewers probably recieved a PS3 copy, and one of them was Skyrims lowest score.

The PSMUK and US were the only ones who got PS3 copies.

Bethesda did not care for the PS3 version its extremely obvious...

Seeing all these people complain about an ending in ME3... rather than going up and arms for the lies Bethesda told us is disheartening.

I bought the same game as you.... but here is the difference.

You got Skyrim... a legitimate GOTY contendor

I got a POS.... you see why I am mad?

SilentNegotiator2321d ago


Are you kidding me? You're blaming the Ps3's architecture? Because the last I checked, 99.9% of developers manage to not add bugs like the game FREEZING EVERY TIME YOU TOUCH WATER in a PATCH.

It is ABSO-FREAKING-LUTELY Bethesda's problem!

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Derekvinyard132321d ago

If you bought this game on ps3, you were robbed.

Persistantthug2321d ago

so, I guess I'll pass on this new update.

"If it ain't broke........"

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NYC_Gamer2321d ago

I'm not surprised Bethesda can't produce games with out bugs/glitches

Snookies122321d ago

Even when they try to fix those bugs/glitches FIVE TIMES NOW. Good god, at some point, you'd think they'd try to hire more efficient people at this. Not saying it's an easy thing to do at all with a game this size, but they need some more talent in that department.

MAJ0R2321d ago

With all the money they made on Skyrim that is the LEAST they can do. Anything less and their just being greedy little pigs.

Tr10wn2321d ago

Even modders can't deal with that pressure and they are not getting paid, is not easy as people see it, i been around skyrim nexus some time now and i seen like 4 modders literally quitting modding because they can't find the solution to a bug, most recently Alexandrox, so i can assume Bethesda is having the same hard time with the PS3 version.

yesmynameissumo2321d ago

God dammit. Delete the game data, re-install the game, re-patch the game - problem fixed.

Reborn2321d ago (Edited 2321d ago )

It's still a problem. Which shouldn't be there. Plus, it's been said (on Beth forums) that it crashes even after deleting it.

firelogic2321d ago

The user shouldn't have to jump through hoops to get the game working.

Derekvinyard132321d ago

This does not work. my friends and i all tried it.

cynosure2321d ago

I feel bad for PS3 players.They always get the worse version of Bethesda games

360GamerFG2321d ago

You mean dynamic open world games?? True. Very true.

cynosure2321d ago

They get the worst version of most multiplats as well
This is because Sony made their System difficult to program for to "challenge" developers

FatGayandbald2321d ago

ME2 and Oblivion looked better on ps3 due coming out later, also final fantasy 13 and 13-2 are better on ps3 in every area, your trolling . They are plenty of multiplatform games that look better on ps3. Your argument went out years ago along with "ps3 has no games".

DragonKnight2321d ago

"You mean dynamic open world games??"

All Assassin's Creed games, GTA games, Red Dead Redemption, and pretty much any other Open World game says hi.

NukaCola2321d ago


LA NOIRE says its possible to make a great PS3 game that's open world

lover20122320d ago

La noire/AC games/Batman games/prototype/Saints raw 3rd/infamous1-2/FF13-13:2... etc
run very good on ps3 and most of them even look better on ps3
you can shut your mouth now

lover20122320d ago

forget to say fallout NV was a tie in gfx and ps3 win the PERFORMANCE
and that was a Bethesda game
Lens of truth H2H :
"the PlayStation 3 version sported sharper textures and a superior lighting system, while the Xbox 360 incarnation had 4xAA and a further draw distance resulting in a tie."

"PlayStation 3 win: The PlayStation 3 version out performed the Xbox 360 version by having less screen tearing during our capture session. Although the Xbox 360 version only had one percent more screen tearing, the PlayStation 3 version had zero."

so how the hell this is ps3 fault again ???
you keep owning your self every time
keep doing it .. troll

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Hellsvacancy2321d ago

I traded my copy in AGES ago, i played the hell out of it, got the platinum trophy, played a "little" more, didnt really hav any problems, and i did all that without ANY patches, i dont get it

Im now sluggin my way through the dlc for Fallout Vegas, stone me its hard, the frame rate is awful at times, and i mean AWFUL, and that game has been out longer

Parapraxis2321d ago

I only had problems during the civil war quests, to the point of the game being like a slide-show.
Waiting for a few days (in-game) and saving/reloading seemed to help, but as soon as I finished those quests the game ran quite well.
Sucks that I had to go through that but the game is so amazing and huge I can make an exception.

GraveLord2321d ago

Shows the truth of how good Bethesda is at developing games.(Not very)

Ashunderfire862320d ago

Not just Bethesda games, but sadly many mutliplatform games. That probably why Sony is rumor to go with AMD for easy development on PS4.

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