Garry Gaber Introduces Starlight Inception For PS Vita and PC, Now on Kickstarter

The developer behind the game details the title and why you should give a damn about his Kickstarter - PSLS

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decimalator2360d ago

I am wholeheartedly for all of this Kickstarter funding stuff. Some of the best games come from out of the blue, and if a small team can get funding they wouldn't have otherwise been able to get to make a game without being forced to follow a cookie cutter, proven game design formula, I am all for it. We need innovation, and that can't always come from established sources.

dbjj120882360d ago

More Vita software! Can't wait.

stormeagle62360d ago

I've only heard about kickstarter recently but I love the idea for up-and-coming developers.

Dante1122359d ago

Lol, nice. We need more developers like this.

Reborn2359d ago

It's nice for developers, but a lot of other groups/individuals have done some awesome things via Kickstarter. So yeah, it's a good idea.