BioWare Won't "Change" Mass Effect 3' Ending ... Extended Cut DLC is for Closure ... Read The FAQ

Think the Extended Cut DLC will change the ending? Think again ... BioWare released a FAQ in which they clear up what this DLC will and will not offer. It will not change the original.

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2363d ago
soundslike2362d ago

Even if the ending gives players exactly what they *think* they want, most will still bitch about it. Their opinion has already been colored by strong emotions, and when that happens there's nothing you can do, really. All logic flies out the window.

002362d ago (Edited 2362d ago )

So it's just going to extend the wait before I choose red, green and blue, how cool.

--Onilink--2362d ago

there are probably more red/green/blue explosions.. and now Anderson and Hacket also come out of the Normandy, lol

trouble_bubble2362d ago

LOL! Yeah maybe Thane and Mordin come out holding hands. I wanna see an extra cutscene where EDI melts into a pile of goo in Joker's arms after the red choice, and the Geth helping the Quarians settle Rannoch all explode killing everyone.

Then another for the green option where everyone just turns into Borg. FFS lol.

Choice and artistic debates don't make the endings any less dumbtarded. Casey Hudson needs to lay off the absinthe when he writes/talks lol.

IIC0mPLeXII2362d ago

Buck Fioware. Its a game, not a relationship, I dont need closure. What I will simply do now is play mass effect 1 with a new character, import that character into mass effect 2 and have Shepard die at the end of the game. For me mass effect ends with the second.

TenSteps2362d ago

For me Mass Effect ends with that bit with Anderson in the Citadel.

Mythicninja2362d ago

Haha that's brilliant man. I might do the same. Or maybe someone will mod Skyrim to have a better ending for mass effect X-D. Dovashep much?

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The story is too old to be commented.