Could This Be PS4's Secret Weapon?

PS Analog writes,"After the success of Kinect and its inevitable use of an upgraded version for the Xbox 720, what will Sony bring to the party? We think we know the answer."

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giovonni2359d ago

"Sony Make this Happen" I've said it many times before. With Kinect being a success and only getting better as time passes they have to put their stamp in the market too. however, the sony loyalist are the ones that feel kinect like features are gimicky and say they wont use them if present in their system, do you feel the same way if sony decides to go the route of MS ?

PS-Analog2359d ago

Kinect can't do hardcore games because of lag and lack of accuracy. Kinect 2.0 will be built in line with the next x box and will be 10 times better. Sony can't stand by and watch and will need to build something that. Doesn't ditch its hardcore base and will run seemlessly with ps4. Something like in this article could be it

Cosmo8112359d ago

Kinect can't do hardcore games because it's Kinect. You can't do shooters, rpgs etc. by using your body, it just doesn't work.

Fylus2359d ago

Agree with Cosmo. Even IF some dev could get a shooter/rpg to work well with Kinect, it would NEVER be comfortable enough to use consistently. Besides, I don't think any self-respecting hardcore RPG player is going to enjoy playing any sort of Kinect based RPG.

justpassinggas2359d ago (Edited 2359d ago )

What the heck is wrong with people who praise the Kinect? It is an abomination and needs to die! There are some cool features in Kinect but you can get those same things without the motion sensing crap. The voice command thing in ME3 was great, for example, but there was no need for motion sensing. If all hardcore games are better with physical, tangible controllers, what is the benefit of Kinect but to fuel a move towards the casual market?

PC gamers (usually elitists, but sometimes even the average PC gamer) have disdain for console gamers because game developers and publishers have moved from focussing on PCs to focussing on consoles because of the larger market. That's why some PC gamers say that consoles are holding development back and that developers are catering to the lowest denominator. It makes business sense to go where the money is, where the returns are high. What is an even larger market than the hardcore market? The CASUAL MARKET. Do you really want fewer hardcore games? Why did the Wii ultimately fail as a hardcore console? Because Nintendo followed the casual market and threw a few bones in the form of Zelda or Metroid to confuse the hardcore market.

Can anyone list some motion controlled games that can be considered "hardcore"?

Can someone honestly provide me a list of "Kinect" games that rely heavily on its motion sensor and say with a serious face that they'd love to have most of their future games be similar to these games?

As for the Move: I HATED the Eye Toy but the Move gave it potential (hopefully this potential will be realized with Sorcery). If Microsoft provides a tangible controller that works in tandem with Kinect, I wouldn't hate on it so much.

Ravenor2359d ago

Did I miss something? It seems the article was more fixated on the possibility of head tracking being integrated into games...not a Kinect like control implement.

MaxXAttaxX2359d ago (Edited 2359d ago )

Kinect alone IS a gimmick and very limited.

PS Eye + Move is functional.

blitz06232359d ago (Edited 2359d ago )

Microsoft ditched gamers with their release and subsequent support of Kinect. Sony is the only one left catering to the needs of old school gamers that just want games played with a controller. If Sony turns to motion gaming or whatever crap that doesn't involve the conservative controller (and completely ignores it as well), then gaming is officially dead

pixelsword2359d ago

@ Cosmo811

" You can't do shooters, rpgs etc. by using your body, it just doesn't work."

I wonder how they pull it off in real life...

FredEffinChopin2358d ago


"I wonder how they pull it off in real life..."

You mean when people use guns? The physical objects that you can hold and manipulate (sound familiar? {controllers})? And when people can freely walk or run to move around, instead of being relegated to one spot? And when people can turn their heads to look at things?

Yeah, I wonder how they do that. Way to offer the most inept comparison of the year.


"however, the sony loyalist are the ones that feel kinect like features are gimicky and say they wont use them if present in their system, do you feel the same way if sony decides to go the route of MS ?"

Have you heard of something called the eyetoy that came out almost a decade ago? Sony went that way a long time ago, and when they built on the formula, they built on it properly. They discovered a long time ago that substituting body movements for controller inputs is a lousy way to game (for the most part). When they evolved it brought the controller back into the mix, and it's closer to something that can be used for serious gaming.

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Silly gameAr2359d ago

Honestly, I would treat a Playstaion Kinect like I treat the current XBox Kinect. Wouldn't give it a second thought.

Fylus2359d ago

Exactly. I LOVE my ps3 and I will continue to support Sony with the PS4, but there is a reason I never bothered with EyeToy.

srcBFMVBMTH2359d ago

Very true, I think Sony should just save the money they would use on their version of "Kinect" and just use it for advertising their crazy amount of games, adding more first party developers to their list, and of course continue making quality games as usual.

Tdmd2359d ago

I'm a big time sony fan, but I would never - ever - buy/support something like knect even if sony did it better. I find it ridiculous. I'll use a joystick instead, as always, while playing ps4 games.

KwietStorm2359d ago

Sony loyalists... Why do people insist on talking nonsense? So are you sitting here believing that if you're an xbox owner, you're all in with Kinect? Please say yes, and please help me see how it's been getting better and better. Looks the same to me since it released.

Gamer19822359d ago (Edited 2359d ago )

Amazing depth sensing feel and 3D feel without a 3D TV.. You would only need a 3D TV for 3D movies.

ilikestuff2359d ago

yea that'd be the best way to do the 3d thing, only problem is its made for one person. id like to see this as a built in OPTION on the ps4. it would make fps 100 times more immersive. peaking to see around corners.

Nodoze2359d ago

Kinect is CRAP. It is a wii too cash in attempt to woo the casual gamers. The titles are 99% shovelware.

I don't want anything similar for the next Playstation.

tee_bag2422359d ago (Edited 2359d ago )

"with Kinetic being a success" you say...?

Lol.. Did I miss something here... ??

giovonni2359d ago

yes it is a success from a business stand point, and I was asking the question if sony made it a standard in the system will sony loy. use it? and yes it has gotten better there are things you can do on it that wasn't possible and with time passing it will get better
10 million sold (march 9 2011) isn't anything to sneeze at.

Virtual_Reality2359d ago (Edited 2359d ago )

It is a success probably for the casual audience.

skyblue142132359d ago

Kinect has spy tech in it that allows the department of homeland security to access any kinect that is hooked up and use the spy tech to spy on you or others in any particular home(whether you are using it or not), it also uses the facial recognition software inherent in kinect and dhs could also use kinect to see through walls into other rooms of a house hold to spy on other people in that household.

Go to this link for more info:

tee_bag2422359d ago (Edited 2359d ago )

Actually true.. Bubble for an awake informative and factual post mate. It's more of a microsoft big brother data gathering unit than anything else.
JohnnyMann or should I say, little Johnie doesn't
seem to mind being violated.

Parapraxis2358d ago


lover20122359d ago

lol i lost a brain cell reading your comment

JohnnyMann4202359d ago

No one likes the Kinect or takes it seriously. Why the heck should Sony even bother is what I want to know.

Bzone242359d ago

So you now speak for everyone?

fr0sty2359d ago (Edited 2359d ago )

First of all, this tech was originally developed for Wii, but PS3 incorporated it without the need for glasses (it was demoed at GDC one year). There is nothing preventing the current PS3 from doing this. However, the tech is only useful when you are moving your head, and since we typically sit still while gaming it's purpose is easily defeated. Sony's 3D visor coupled with this tech is a much more viable alternative, however I think they would just put a gyro on the visor so they could have head tracking without the lag of having to do so with an image captured by a USB camera.

So no, this is not sony's "secret weapon" by a long shot. VR very well may be, however, as they have already come out saying a while back that they were doing experiments with their 3D headset and gaming.

SephirothX212359d ago

I agree. I've developed for Kinect in a college project and the technology is very cleverly developed but it isn't applicable to most game types. I made a simple 3D space shooter using XNA 4.0 and Kinect's voice commands work well even though with one second lag but it is very hard to provide accurate controls when it comes to directing the space craft and aiming. I'm not saying it couldn't be applicable in the future when they update the skeletal tracking feature to track fingers but unless it can be used with extreme accuracy while sitting down, it would be too awkward to be used with most hardcore games. Though if improved significantly, games designed to take full advantage of the technology could be a lot of fun but I'm not holding my breath.

svoulis2358d ago

You do realize before the Wii and Kinect, there was the eyetoy on PS2?

It was functional, it was gimmicky and it was pretty lame just like the Kinect. The only thing that has changed is the way it tracks you.

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FrigidDARKNESS2359d ago

Sony needs this in the ps4 o compete in next gen race. Ther will be an improved kinect with much better processing power and graphics. Kudos to Sony for trying something different.

TacoTaru2359d ago

How is this "something different"? It doesn't take a genius to improve on what is. The genius part is in being first - as in Wii and Kinect. I guess Sony made a better wii-mote and will now make a better kinect.

saint_seya2359d ago (Edited 2359d ago )

Genius part... ure talking about eye toy instead kinetic, dun wry i got ya!

TekoIie2359d ago

Ps move was comparable to wii motion plus. Although personally noticed that over months of using it the accuracy began to get worse and worse (games like killzone and ruse).

Kinect has so far proven best with its voice commands on halo:A and ME3.

clearelite2359d ago (Edited 2359d ago )

....and the PSeye if I'm not mistaken.

also, Sony was working on wand controllers 10 years ago, yet Nintendo managed to launch one first(an incomplete one). Who's the genius there, I suppose it's debatable.

Also, the "success" of kinect has mainly HEAVY marketing to thank most likely. Something Sony may want to consider.

Sega Activator video (@ 2:34: "you are the controller")

Dr. Marks Demoing PS motion controls in 2004(WITH WAND):

ShinnokDrako2359d ago

Ok, can be a good move, but i really hope they won't base all the games on that technology (unless it's an extra thing). Since i bought Kinect (when it was out) i used it something like 5 times or so... Still have more fun with my joypads.

DeletedAcc2359d ago (Edited 2359d ago )

Fuck no ! Controller 4ever

Gamer19822359d ago

I think they will have a controller this is to add a 3d effect to gaming should you want it without the need for a costly 3d tv. I think most would LOVE that.

XboxInnovation2359d ago

3D and motion controls are terrible and do not belong in gaming.