Halo 4 Artist Unveils Creative Workflow for Enviornments

David Lesperance is a new instructor for the Gnomon Workshop DVD’s. Today he has released his latest work labeled “Environment Sculpting”. In the DVD he takes you through different programs and showcases his workflow on how to create stunning game environments. He has worked on titles such as Mortal Kombat vs. D.C. Universe, Tony Hawk: Ride and most recently Halo 4 which has yet to be released.

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SignifiedSix2357d ago

Kinda looks like its going to be a dark and gritty game! :O

Cant wait!

spicelicka2357d ago

whoaa looks like some new architecture haven't seen before in halo. And that grass screen looks pretty nice.

Whore_Mouth2357d ago

I don't believe that Victorian architecture will be in Halo 4. Bunk?

GamerSciz2357d ago

It might this point we don't know but the PR rep claims all those screens are specifically from Halo 4 even though the DVD has more then one game involved that the teacher talks about.


Whore_Mouth2357d ago

And no one agreed with me.

aviator1892357d ago

If those are actual assets from Halo 4, this should be a pretty interesting experience. I've never seen architecture like that in any of the Halo games, but it's pretty exciting.

Dovahkiin2357d ago

I agree, although I only wish it could be brought to PC reach it's full potential.

GamerSciz2357d ago

Ok after getting in contact with PR rep I can confirm that there was confusion. Sorry guys :(

"Thanks for reaching out. These screens are not related to Halo 4, but simply DVD stills from his tutorial where he walks the viewers through his creative workflow. Hope this helps and sorry for any confusion!"

From his email....again sorry.