Mass Effect 3′s Operation Beachhead Confirms Multiplayer DLC

BioWare and Electronic Arts reveal details on this week’s N7 Multiplayer Weekend ‘Operation Beachhead’ and at the same time, confirm multiplayer DLC characters.

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thrasherv32152d ago

The word "confirm" is really over-used these days.

SageHonor2152d ago

Yeah this is one of the many reasons why gaming journalism isnt taken seriously anymore

Megaton2152d ago

Speculation. Nothing is confirmed.

FrightfulActions2152d ago

At least this operation actually made it to the PS3. The last one didn't - not that it stopped articles tagging it as such.

The above comments are right though, nothing was really confirmed, but I will agree it is heavily implied. Speculation sure, but it has a lot of credibility given the evidence.

I just hope these DLC packs can be purchased in the PSN store and not strictly in the ME3 store. I use an alt account for sake of PSN purchases, so obviously anything bought through the ME3 store and not PSN store directly will not carry over but rather be account-specific.

I'd love to play as a Geth, but waiting for the game to randomly give you the character unlock... I get sick of playing before I ever get it. Im still trying to unlock a damn Quarian. Seem's like at this rate I will dulled and burned out of repetitive multiplayer by time I get to actually try the races I want. Would had been nice if you could had unlocked some of these races through the singleplayer (saved the Geth, unlock Geth multiplayer, ect ect ect).

Megaton2152d ago

I believe the last EXP boost event was also on the PS3. The ones that track stats for tasks haven't been included for the PS3.

Agent_S2151d ago

I think there is some smoke here. We may not have to wait long for actual confirmation. Slightly excited for this. Curious how a Geth class would play against the Geth enemy.

jrbeerman112151d ago

Legion killed geth in Mass effect 2.

Its confirmed, bioware posted a video