Do Japanese games still have a place in the west?

A breakdown of the Japanese video game industry and its place in the west.

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Indigo1232329d ago

short answer, more so than western games

"But on the other hand I also agree that Japanese developers haven't really been moving into a direction of trying to please western audiences instead vying to do things there own way.


" JRPG's, the genre that you could argue is Japans stronger point, has taken a backseat to the likes of Mass Effect and the Elder Scrolls series."

is that why ff 13 outsold mass effect 1 and 2 combined? and pokemon black white outsold skyrim on a single system?

just 2 examples

how is this bad

reznik_zerosum2324d ago

only problem with ff 13 and pokemon black white is that they are complete crap

zu4G2328d ago

japanese games is more Badass than western games..
sad but true

ShaunCameron2327d ago

Judging by the critical accolades some games got despite their modest sales in the past year, I think they still matter. Too bad my PS360 library to date consist of mostly Western-developed games, both exclusives and multiplatform games.

Dark Souls
Sonic Generations
El Shaddai: Ascension Of The Metatron
Shadows Of The Damned