New Spec Ops: The Line Screen Shots & Trailer

T-Hill writes: Spec Ops: The Line is like Uncharted meets Black Hawk Down which are both amazing! Very few military games catch my eye and even less make me froth at the mouth for more but Spec Ops: The Line for me is the holy grail of military TPS Action.

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Emilio_Estevez2360d ago

Uncharted meets Black Hawk Down - put me down as intrigued, have to keep an eye on this one.

Dlacy13g2360d ago

This game will be either brilliant or a giant turd. I will be honest...I am not expecting much. That said, the storyline from what I can gather looks interesting.

Reborn2360d ago

Looks like it's changed quite a bit, since that beta a long time ago.

Hazmat132360d ago

this game looks epic cant wait to play it.