EA is not the Worst Company in America

Cole Monroe doesn't defend EA's actions but thinks that considering any entertainment based company as the worst company in the nation is foolish.

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Snookies122296d ago (Edited 2296d ago )

EA's probably the worst in the gaming industry for America. Though I think Capcom is close in terms of worldwide. Ubisoft is pretty bad as well though (primarily for PC).

I dunno though, it's all about opinion really. :\

badjournalism2296d ago

Activision is still worse than EA, personally. As for the "Worst Company in America" thing goes, I'm calling shenanigans on EA beating Bank of America. That's total bullshit right there.

Snookies122296d ago

Oh crap, you're right! I totally forgot about Activision... It's so bad I guess I must have just subconsciously blocked it from my memory haha. XD

Prince_Dim-Lu2295d ago

The THEE worst? Maybe not... but on of the worst. That's for sure.

-Superman-2295d ago

I would say Activision is worse.
EA at least makes some great games like Mass Effect, Crysis, Star Wars, Sims, Battlefield, Portal 2, Orange Box, James Bond, Left 4 Dead, Sakte, Dead Space, Mirror Edge(loved it), Burnout Paradise, and many other games(pubish)

But what we see Activision...
Call of Duty, Call of Duty, Call of Duty... every game DLC, DLC, DLC

EA may greedy, but Activision is even more greedy, rmemeber, Activison says: we dont need to fix anything, millions of people buy our dlc, and we keep making more and more dlcs and we dont thank people.

SilentNegotiator2295d ago (Edited 2295d ago )

It was an internet poll. You can't be surprised that some gamer forum junkies highjacked it.

Still, their innovative ways of destroying customer ownership and experience have been bad lately.

solar2295d ago

apple is. they have destroyed the open platform for phones, iTunes is one of the worst software programs ive ever used, and steve jobs wasn't a genius in a customer pov, he was a genius at making lemmings think his devices were trendy and make money off them.

FlashXIII2295d ago

In terms of technology I'd agree with you.. the stupid amount of restrictions on apple products just ruin the experience for me. And as you say Itunes is an awful program to use which ironically you have to use for say iphones and such.

TheModernKamikaze2295d ago

One of thee worst not the most

AtomicGerbil2295d ago

Of course they are not the worst, it would be ludicrous to genuinely believe otherwise. But, they are amongst the worst in the games industry.

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