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New Aliens: Colonial Marines Screen Shots & Interviews

T-Hill writes: Gearbox looks to do to Aliens what Rocksteady did with Batman. Each and every video and screen shot I see takes me back to when I was a kid watch Aliens for the first time…I don’t really recommend letting the little ones watch Aliens unless you like long nights and zero sleep lol. (Aliens: Colonial Marines, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

Emilio_Estevez  +   988d ago
Still undecided on this one, looks promising.
OWNTJosh  +   988d ago
Anyone else hoping for a Predator cameo?
Grimhammer00  +   988d ago
I wanna know how other fps get slammed for no enemy variety. But no one mentions this for Aliens?

Sure it's iconic and great. But a 6-10hr campaign with same enemies? Just saying gearbox has a tough road ahead. I hope it's good. I'll be first in line. Just want some creativity.

Aliens assimilate their victims....so they could create some crazy stuff if they wanted.
Tone  +   988d ago
They stated that there are new aliens within the game.
Dante112  +   988d ago
Wow, this looks pretty damn good. *kowtows* THILLR puts me on to games that I probably would've missed out on. Thanks for the heads up.

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