New Aliens: Colonial Marines Screen Shots & Interviews

T-Hill writes: Gearbox looks to do to Aliens what Rocksteady did with Batman. Each and every video and screen shot I see takes me back to when I was a kid watch Aliens for the first time…I don’t really recommend letting the little ones watch Aliens unless you like long nights and zero sleep lol.

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Emilio_Estevez2362d ago

Still undecided on this one, looks promising.

OWNTJosh2362d ago

Anyone else hoping for a Predator cameo?

Grimhammer002362d ago

I wanna know how other fps get slammed for no enemy variety. But no one mentions this for Aliens?

Sure it's iconic and great. But a 6-10hr campaign with same enemies? Just saying gearbox has a tough road ahead. I hope it's good. I'll be first in line. Just want some creativity.

Aliens assimilate their they could create some crazy stuff if they wanted.

Tone2362d ago

They stated that there are new aliens within the game.

Dante1122362d ago

Wow, this looks pretty damn good. *kowtows* THILLR puts me on to games that I probably would've missed out on. Thanks for the heads up.