DualShock & Awe – Obscure Games and Free $20 PSN Card Giveaway Minicast

We have another mega-minicast in terms of length and all the content we packed in. We go over the great suggestions you guys gave us for your favorite obscure games. Your suggestions were so great that we decided to hold another contest for a $20 PSN card. All you have to do is leave us a voicemail at 331-222-7757 and give us your best impersonation of a videogame character. This week, we also scored an interview with the winner of Season 3 of The Tester, Achilles. Look for that at the very end of the podcast (so if you don’t care about the show, don’t worry). - PSLS

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cervantes2402364d ago

I don't know that I'm capable of a good enough impression of any video game character, let alone good enough to win a contest.

T3mpr1x2363d ago

Haha well if you get us to laugh hard enough we may just give it to you. :)

dbjj120882363d ago

Oh man, I got no one for that contest.

doctorstrange2363d ago

Anyone can do "it's a-me Mario!"

Young_ART2363d ago

just pause for like 10 seconds and be like "yup!so that was me as master chief! heh hope i win! thanks!:D"