Is Playstation 4′s Rumored Specs Enough For This Decade?

Techtorial: After the specs leak for PS4, we're here to examine if its hardware components have the chance to last until we are through with this decade.

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DA_SHREDDER2299d ago

The only thing lacking this gen (besides real jrpg's) is RAM. Devs tried to squeeze out too much with too little. Everything else is already top of the line besides gpu's but that's a givin.

Persistantthug2299d ago (Edited 2299d ago )

blog website wrote,

"Undoubtedly, Sony’s decision of working with IBM to design their own 3.2GHz Power-PC-based microprocessor has paid off able to run up to 100 gigaflops on double-precision mode – something even Xbox 360’s Intel-based CPU won’t achieve at that time."
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Who in the heck is anyways?

Clearly this whole discussion is above their paygrade.

decrypt2299d ago

The rumored specs look pretty bad. When the Xbox 360 launched it was equal to a high end PC. By the time the PS3 was out, both of them were equal to a midrange PC.

These specs look as if they are comparable to a entry level gaming PC of today (not 2013 or whenever the consoles release). If they are going to charge 400-500usd for this hardware. People might as well get a PC in the same range.

Regarding the APU and GPU, its always better to have one good GPU than 2 poor ones. Hence i would have prefered it if both the consoles came with a good dedicated GPU. Though i guess there were power, Heat, cost and space limitations which is why they couldnt go with a mid range GPU.

Mikhail2299d ago

It still Dev Kit specs, still its capable enough. You can use the video on how capable it is on modern games.

slavish2299d ago

NO its not enough. Im sorry fanboy but you guys know this in not good enough to be called ps4!

Machioto2299d ago

I believe these specs are fake because if true the ps4 and xbox3 should have a better gpu.

Who could disagree with swish?

eldeladi2299d ago

I am definitely not happy with the PS4 having a single GPU that is weak. I have a feeling that Sony wants to reduce their PS life cycles in half to 3 years instead of 6. They might justify that by claiming future backward compatibility with the following PS5.
I have always loved PS games and only had a PS3 this Generation. I might get the nextbox if it's more powerful for the cross platform games, but would obviously have to pick up the PS4 for the exclusives.
I just hope Sony doesn't let us down by a weak spec'ed short sighted console.
And Ram is not everything. Next Consoles need A powerhouse of GPUs and at least a CPU that is Equivalent to a high end core i7 to be able to survive until 2020.

shenglongg2299d ago


actually, PS4's GPU is quite powerful using an APU chip (having its own embedded GPU) and a dedicated GPU running together.

There's no way on earth you can pull a crossfire / SLI config on a gaming console. But with this new design of Sony, you'll get a similar result (hopefully).

Machioto2299d ago (Edited 2299d ago )

@shen I'm say if they wanted to stay cheap why not atleast go with a radeon 6750 or6770 because It has a bit more of everything and the price difference is only 30 for the highest one.

swishersweets200312299d ago

Long as its affordable I'll get one.

ziggurcat2299d ago

the key word here is "rumored".

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The story is too old to be commented.