Kinect Star Wars Xbox 360 Install Size

Trendy Gamers: Despite the somewhat average review scores for Kinect Star Wars, a lot of people will be heading to stores this week to pick the game up. For anyone wondering just how much space it will take up on their hard drive, we have the answer.

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kreate2328d ago

is there really a cheesy dancing section in this kinect star wars game? cuz that dancing video just killed it for me.

Tai_Kaliso2328d ago

There is a game mode with a dance portion that is set up like Dance Central. It wasn't my favorite mode, but the rest of the game was pretty fun.

Loved the story elements behind Jedi Destiny and the Duels Of Fate mode was pretty sick as well.

cynosure2328d ago

If there is a dancing video that you watched that's from the game then there is probably a dancing section within the game...

MyNameIsNotRick2328d ago

Hey Kreate...try looking it up. Hell, you’re already on the internet and everything. It's easier to do than asking us. That way you will know because you looked it up yourself like a big boy. And, you won't have to come back here a check to see if we answered your extremely thinly veiled attempt to troll. It's old.

FYI...I don't want to play the game, but my 13 year old boy and 8 year old girl do. I was thinking about getting it for them so I saw something about the scores and wanted to see how it was doing as I hadn’t seen any scores yet (I won't buy them a crap game, even if they want it). Everybody knows it looks a like it could be a disaster and I don't want to dance in the star wars universe either but I'm not a kid. I understand that my tastes (as a 40 year old master of the universe) may be different than that of children, who also play video games.

kreate2328d ago (Edited 2328d ago )

that's the thing, i did look it up, and this really gay dancing video came up and than i happen to see this article.

was wondering if the video i saw was just a parody made by ps3 fanboys making fun of the kinect game or if its actually really in there.

it never hurts to confirm from multiple people.

EDIT: april fools day was just couple days ago and all. I rather hear it from other people than just assume by one source.

Pixel_Enemy2328d ago

Installing Kinect Star Wars on your Xbox 360 will cost you HDD space and the respect of others.

Funky Town_TX2328d ago

Who cares what other people think.

MissAubrey2326d ago (Edited 2326d ago )

i agree ^^, but that was a funny comment at least