LulzSec hacker pleads guilty in Sony Pictures security breach case

An accused member of Anonymous offshoot LulzSec has pleaded guilty to participating in an extensive hack of the Sony PlayStation Network in 2011. In a deal with prosecutors, Cody Kretsinger pleaded guilty to one count each of conspiracy and unauthorized impairment of a protected computer. We still don't have any information on the deal, but it was apparently enough to get him to reverse an earlier "not guilty" plea.

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skullmcrex2173d ago

Shit you people need wake up

Tapioca Cold2173d ago

'Wake up' from what?

Oh, and fail on Lulzsec.

Who's laughing out loud now?

Oldman1002172d ago (Edited 2172d ago )

The article has been updated and is no longer relevant to n4g.

"LulzSec hacker pleads guilty in Sony Pictures security breach case"

"Correction: He was not accused of being involved in the PlayStation Network hack, also from 2011."

thorstein2172d ago

More like Lulzjail now.

Sony3602172d ago

I guess not many "lulz" are being had now.

J86blum2169d ago

...says the guy with the Naruto advatar.

AdmiralSnake2173d ago

Lmaoo @ sniper suggesting the death penalty. GLAD we don't have you deciding the fate of people.

BrianC62342173d ago

Maybe if we gave hackers the death penalty they'd stop hacking. They are cowards. The way they're charged most of the time they hardly get penalized. The hackers who attacked Sony caused hundreds of millions in losses. What would be a good way to deal with them? None of them will ever have that kind of money? Maybe we can give them life terms. What does a bank robber get if they rob a bank for millions? It has to be more than that since bank robbers never get away with hundreds of millions.

AdmiralSnake2173d ago

Are you SERIOUSLY suggesting the death Penalty regarding hacking ? You have people who have killed someone NOT even in risk of getting the Death Penalty, it doesn't even get MENTIONED, but on N4G, we have a bunch of fools who basically agrees on taking the life of someone because of hacking ?

Lmaooooo I find this topic hilarious, I can't believe 48 people agreed with the lunatic Sniper. While of course they should be held responsible for their Actions, the DEATH PENALTY, should be far from anybody mind regarding this situation.

BrianC62342173d ago

Yes I am suggesting it. Everything runs on computers today. Hackers could easily destroy a lot of things. One day they might even take down jet airplanes. We need to do something to stop them. The punishment they get doesn't stop other hackers. If we don't make it the death penalty at least make it a long time in prison. At least 25 years would be a good start.

annus2173d ago

Yeah the death penalty sure did stop people killing, fantastic idea...

Soldierone2173d ago

I don't agree with the death penalty, but I do agree with your comment about the punishments not being harsh enough...

Honestly this world is literally being built around the internet, and yet the laws are not adjusting to it. The only time there is a serious penalty or the government gets involved is when its hurting a major industry like Hollywood and the politicians pockets could take a hit. Other than that, you took down the PSN? Oh well here is a fine, carry on.

hesido2173d ago (Edited 2173d ago )

Death penalty suggestion is wrong on so many levels it is not even funny.

When will you draw the line?
"Guy who hacks her ex-gf's hotmail account is promptly executed after the governor signed his papers."

Or you want to apply the death penalty only to people who cause losses to corporations?!

Anyway, death penalty doesn't stop crime, but over the years I'm sure quite many innocent people got the chair. There's always this small chance that the person who was punished was actually innocent, and that alone makes capital punishment wrong.

Sony3602172d ago (Edited 2172d ago )

Thank god we don't have idiots like you deciding what justice is. At least in the UK anyway, the U.S on the other hand is still a bit behind on punishing too harshly for things, but that's another matter.

To summarise, you're an idiot if you think death is justice for this.

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LOL_WUT2173d ago

Not so anonymous now huh? Lulz

Anon19742173d ago

I never did understand this. "We hate Sony, so we're going to punish the gamers on their network."

So, why did average gamers have to pay for your beef with Sony putting the boots to that annoying, Geohotz twit?

TVippy2172d ago

Was that that big of a pay for you, little kid? Did you die, because PSN was out for a freaking month? Hackers gave you a magical opportunity to leave your momma's basement for a second and enjoy some fresh air. If anything, you should be infinitely grateful.

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