Bioware Loses to Whining People

Brett writes - ". I’ve kind of kept my mouth closed over this whole Mass Effect 3 incident because frankly, it’s stupid. If you want my opinion on it? Bioware worked damn hard to make a game they didn’t even have to make, but did. (Cont)

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vega2752327d ago

for a guy who claims to have lept him mouth closed on the matter. should have continued doing so instead of trying hard to get hits on a matter that won't change anything. if any it's just going to make people pirate their game even more or just stop buying anything bioware makes.

Dno2327d ago

I agree. People complain all the time that devs do not listen to the gamers. Bioware is making something free of charge just because of a fan outcry to our beloved series.

This should be praised not looked down upon. Most devs would not care what we think.

Kudos Bioware and EA for allowing it to happen.

adorie2327d ago

the people bitching about people bitching have lost.

I've read a few of these Bioware vs. the Fans articles and I have to say, good on people who actually respect the storyline enough to make a fuss.

I think everyone who called gamers, who have a passion for the series; "entitled", "brats", "whiners", etcetera-etcetera need a nice boiling cup of STFU and to get ready to enjoy that FREE ending, courtesy of the "whinning, entitled, brats" :)

thx gamers. <3

Veni Vidi Vici2327d ago


While it's a little overboard to file class action lawsuits like some, the fact that there was such an uproar should be an indicator of how adored the series was and how the ending was clearly a quick fix after the original ending was leaked late last year and didn't do the series justice.

Kurylo3d2327d ago

I dont think they should have bothered making an extended ending or whatever. It was there artistic vision.. if the fans didnt understand there ending or were unhappy with it then who gives a damn. Listen to reviews and dont buy the game if u feel the entire experience is ruined because u dont like their creative vision.

They put the money up to make this ending... when a single fan puts up millions of dollars for the game as an investor... then he has the right to complain... if a fan puts up 60.. then the only thing he has the right to do is save his money and not buy the game. These so called fans need to get over themselves and their strange entitlement issues. Build your own game.. write your own story. Losers.

aliengmr2327d ago

Whine whine whine Artistic integrity whine whine whine.

You actually don't know what you are talking about. Go back to beings EA's good little consumer.

Kurylo3d2327d ago (Edited 2327d ago )

i actually never bought the game. So guess im not EAs consumer.. u still are though haha... and ur the one thats angry. I hate mass effect.. though i watched the ending and i liked it. Maybe u need someone to explain it to you dummy... since u dont understand it. lol.

Im not whining myself.. I just cant understand how any logical person could even change someone elses story. If you read a book and dont like the end do you petition the author to change the ending? If you dont like something about a movie .. do u threaten to sue? I would think someone would have sued the resident evil films director for not making a real resident evil film by now lol... false advertisting right? lol... Im just saying .. all this changing of someone elses hard work and ideas is just stupid. Grow up.

Maybe I dont like the way your comment ended... i think u should change that too lol...

FizzyJuffoWup2327d ago

What a smug comment. Man, you're totally above everybody else. You totally have it figured out while it's going over us mere peasants' heads.

You're on a video game website. You're a consumer. Hell, you're probably an EA consumer otherwise you wouldn't be getting all rowdy over a Mass Effect article.

"Be a good little consumer." Don't forget the Guy Fawkes mask on the way out.

Kurylo3d2327d ago (Edited 2327d ago )

How again am i a consumer for ea if i do not buy ea products. And the way i look at it not everyone cares about the ending.. in fact most articles seem to be questioning why fans can develop a mob mentality on a game that did them a favor by making it. They should have made the ending one big dream so part 1 never took place.. that would give the middle finger straight to those so called false fans. The ending could have been way worse.. And you know what.. theres nothing wrong with bitching about how much u hate ending.. the ending however is not yours to change.. the story was never yours... so it is wrong to try to make someone else change their vision... espeacially through legal means, which is just rediculous. I do hope the ending doesnt change.. they just explain it with an extra scene.

I am however a game developer so .. yes.. this bothers me to see such mindlessness. And if I sound smug to you.. its cause im using something called logic... logic is usually undenyable. You go ahead with the name calling though... that works since you cant explain your reasoning like i can.

aliengmr2326d ago (Edited 2326d ago )

Never bought the game = Not knowing what you are talking about. You are delusional if you think books, movies, and games, aren't changed because of feedback ALL the time. You really think "artistic integrity" matters when you try to sell something? Wake up.

The fact you call yourself a game dev makes your comment even more ridiculous. Go ahead disregard fan feedback and see what it gets you. Go ahead make a pile of crap and see how many people buy your "artistic integrity".

Don't like how my comment ended? well if you paid for my comment I would certainly listen to your feedback and if making a change will ensure you will keep buying my comments then I will consider doing so. However, since I am generously providing my comment free of charge I can tell you to shove it. Make sense?

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tigertron2327d ago (Edited 2327d ago )

I'm sick of these stupid articles. Quit complaining about the complainers.

The issue is the problems still aren't being addressed. They're sticking to the original ending. Which was retarded, hence the mass complaining by fans.

Perjoss2327d ago (Edited 2327d ago )

I'm sick of people like you, quit making complaints regarding the people complaining about the people making complaints!

tigertron2327d ago

Heh, I see what you did there...and now you're complaining about people like me who complain about the people who complain about the people who make complaints.

SeraphimBlade2327d ago

I've been standing up for Bioware's rights as artists through this whole thing. For that reason, I want people who agree with me to stop acting like Bioware is completely whoring out their story to whining fans, because then I look like an idiot by proximity. Bioware is only promising to add to their ending with closure for characters and some better explanation of what the hell happened. at least, that's what it sounds like right now.

Besides, it's similar enough that the more indignant fanboys are still whining about it, and that, to me, is becoming a good sign.

pandehz2327d ago

Bioware did not lose. They actually won.

They made ME3 for the gamers and fans. Now they made a new ending for the whiners.

Basically they covered everyone, win-win

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