Court Says Sony Is Free To Change Its Terms Of Service Because Accessing PSN Is A Choice

Last year, Sony changed its terms of service for accessing the PlayStation Network. Like many other companies, part of the changed terms was a requirement to take disputes to arbitration, rather than court.

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Lulz_Boat2357d ago (Edited 2357d ago )


CarlitoBrigante2357d ago

Last year, all these little kids were laughing at Sony, 1 year later PSN is still as secure as ever, no personal info was stolen, and piracy on the PS3 is dead.

Long Live Play(Station)!

DFresh2357d ago

Hacking never dies it only multiplies.

Glad the people responsible got caught for their crimes.

SilentNegotiator2356d ago

Bu, bu, but I have full right to access their free online service! How can they say that PSN is a choice?! It totally isn't! How can they expect me to accept that there is always a risk when using an online service that someone could rob the company of the information*? I mean, I would sue my bank if they "allowed" my money to be stolen by armed robbers....why did they haz more security to take the bullets?!?

*even though there is still little evidence that the encrypted info was actually stolen/used/decrypted

TekoIie2356d ago

Im sure that if Sony didnt follow all the regulations you would be allowed to sue them for "losing" your information. Otherwise whats to stop them from being careless if they know they can get away with it?

SilentNegotiator2356d ago (Edited 2356d ago )


Their bottom line, duh. Their stock price fell on its face when they got "hacked". They aren't monkeys with keys to the zoo, they're a multi-billion dollar corporation, and they "get away" with absolutely nothing.

TBM2356d ago

Wow the comments in that article are crazy I've never seen such hatred for plastic/wires or a company. the funny thing is that all companies do this so what makes them think only Sony does this?

Raoh2357d ago

Not sure why anyone would want to sue, this is standard with any service, once you agree that's it.

Microsoft, amazon, cisco, google, etc, its the same for all the services..

These young new gamers need to stop crying over everything, especially over sony stuff.

If you want to go after a horrible company go after microsoft, outside of office and servers everything about MS sucks. XBOX is only popular due to halo and heavy funding/mnarketing. No way any other company would survive after rrod, and ms has more proprietary hardware and services than sony, paying to play is like paying aol to access the internet.

People need to grow up and get wise.

cynosure2357d ago

All the while posting from your Microsoft operating system right

insomnium22357d ago (Edited 2357d ago )

Doesn't mean it's not crap even if he is using one. Doesn't mean he paid for one even if he is using one.

Ontopic: Duh!

Tomonobu Itagaki2357d ago

I wont defend Raoh, because I don't totally agree with it, but just commenting Cynosure's.

Do people have choice? Windows covers 90% of the PC market. Only geeks know about Linux, and Macs are not affordable for the wide public.

People use Microsoft's Windows because most of them either are not aware of the concurrence, either don't really have a choice.

Persistantthug2357d ago

I'm on a moble browser right now.

Raoh2357d ago

Not many choices.

Linux - Free but limiting for gaming, which is primarily what my pc is for. I am planning on surfing the web more from my ipad which can mirror to my apple tv but I have a lot of video to convert to mp4 before I move my pc directly to my tv to serve as an iTunes server and gaming pc.

I'd go OS X but I like to build my own rigs.

I use open office for docs, but microsoft excel is truly unmatched.

I work in IT and stand by reliable Microsoft servers.

My original point is that ms gaming also had it rough but money hats and blind fanboyism lead xbox to success. Sony gets slammed for proprietary hardware at times, but no mention of proprietary xbox hard drives which are the same hard drives in laptops and ps3's, yet I can get a 750gb/1tb drive for my ps3 and use every gb but even if I hack an hd for the 360 its limited to the max 250gb that ms allows, had sony done this there would be an uproar. Mini jack for the xbox headset so I can't use my headsets from other devices, thanks ms, no wifi built in took years for that, I can use usb or bluetooth headsets on ps3 galore, no earphone jacks though.

Every game has online access for free but xbox deems itself worthy of an extra toll charge? for games that are run by ubisoft/activision/EA not microsoft.

MS makes no money off of their mobile phones, they now fall in the OTHER category, they only make money off of android and iOS via patents.

Sony allows timed exclusive xbla games to make it to the ps3, ms does not want games that are on psn first to be on xbla, way to take care of the customer.

paying for xchat? its an overhyped feature, if your playing online with me, talk to me or the squad not to another person playing a different game.

PC gamers told MS to screw themselves when MS wanted to charge for Games for Windows Live, so MS dropped the fee, had gamers stood their ground MS would have dropped the XBL fee too, suckers.

Anyone here pay for AOL? AOL is pretty much just a portal to the internet, there is nothing on AOL that you cannot do in your IE/Chrome/Firefox browser, yet dummies pay for it, like xbox live, there is nothing that xbl needs to charge for.

PSN - Hulu, Netflix, Amazon for only the price of the services themselves.

XBL - Hulu, Netflix, for the price of the services AND the price of XBL Gold. WHY?

baodeus2356d ago


why don't u list the details between PSN and xlive service. Live only have Xlive chat and nothing else? You sure left out quite a bit of details don't you, especially the cross connection functionality.

And is $4 really that expansive to pay vs a free PSN or $2-3 for PSN+ per month?

MaxXAttaxX2356d ago (Edited 2356d ago )

What cross connection functionality? You talking about the Windows/Live thing? My PS3 can connect to my Windows PC among other things via the PS3 Media Server and Bluetooth. Just sync and go.

And as I type this on my PS Vita, I'm reminded that it has cross-game/party chat for free.
Up next: PS4.

SilentNegotiator2356d ago (Edited 2356d ago )

You mean the operating system INCLUDED with like, 90% of all sold computers? Oooooooh, you really got him!


And he didn't say anything to indicate that he even was. Linux, Mac, Android, etc....all things he might have been using.

A-Glorious-Dawn2356d ago

Android should take over from windows..

Looking at 'Windows is starting up' is getting ridiculous

baodeus2355d ago (Edited 2355d ago )


What i meant was that xlive cross chat/invite when playing MP games on x360 (not about connection to PC).

It is not just about allowing you to talk to anyone even if they aren't in the game with you, it is just a small part of that system.

Other better xlive function such as party system, beacon, where it is at.

What about if you find a group that you like, you can stick with them (forming a party) through out the game (halo for example), or switch to another games together without getting disconnected.

How are those feature not important for MP games? Don't you like to stay with a group that you like to play with?

It is true that other features such as Hulu, Netflix, as well as certain points that Raoh mention are pretty shaddy on MS part (business i guess) and i do agree with them. The only problem it seems like people only think cross chat system on live, is just that, cross chatting but nothing else.

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No Way2357d ago

You must be one of those kids you say needa stop crying...

aquamala2357d ago

Isn't there a recent court ruling that says these terms of service are not valid because theres no reasonable expectation that anyone would read them?

Infernostew2357d ago

That would be so foolish. Ignorance is not a valid defense.

kreate2357d ago

i never read what i agree'd upon so its not my fault!!! lol

epic fail right there.

if that's how the world works, we dont need lawyers or judges. we probably dont even need any laws cuz people never read the law book, not to mention the US constitution.

aquamala2357d ago

^^^^. So how many pages of terms of service agreements have you guys read? The one for iTunes alone is 56+ pages

kreate2356d ago

well ...

last time i got pulled over by a police and i told him i didnt know there was such a law.

he told me "its not my job to educate u"
and i got a ticket.

so whether u read or dont read these things, ur still responsible. whether u understood what u read or didnt understand, ur still responsible.

and no, i did not read any itunes ToS but it also means if apple disables a feature of itunes, im not gonna go filing a lawsuit.

the people who do file a lawsuit, most likely, does read the ToS of these companies before they file the lawsuit....

RememberThe3572356d ago

I actually read that somewhere as well. I don't think a TOS is actually binding the same way a contract it. That doesn't take you completely off the hook but I don't think they(the company) are either. For instance Sony can't steal from you just because they changed their TOS to say so. But you cant pirate and hack a piece of software just becuase you didn't read the TOS either. I'm pretty sure however that if you had real grievance a TOS couldn't save them from suit.

And in some cases ignorance is a solid defense. Kreate bring up the ticket issue and in many cases if speed limits are not reasonably posted you can get out of it. Ignorance can be a defense. People have to realize that our court system does have digression. One judge many not hold a TOS in high regard while an other may see it as a more serious agreement. I think it also comes down to the severity of the charges as well.

SilentNegotiator2356d ago

That's ridiculous.

All I can imagine is Cletus the Slack-jawed Yokel telling a judge "your honors, I done ain't see nothing on the gun that said shootin' people would kill'em. How uhs I supposter know?"

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StanSmith2357d ago


You can't make statements like

"These young new gamers need to stop crying over everything,"

Then, proceed to cry over Microsoft's business tactics, while defending Sony. Your post smacks of Fanboyism.

In my eyes, Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft have all been dicks at some point. I just go where the games are. This gen, i felt i needed to own all 3 consoles.

kreate2357d ago

" Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft have all been dicks at some point"

totally agree... but there's always a bigger dick in the basket.

TekoIie2356d ago


Dick in what now???? :0

No Way2355d ago

As was my point up above, lol. Hypocrisy.

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cynosure2357d ago

A great way to make sure nobody ever sues you

Dno2357d ago


This is so if sony messes up instead of paying lawyers the money they will pay the customers the money so they can try to win back good faith. that way we are happy and sony is happy to pay customers... not greedy lawyers.

Infernostew2357d ago

All big corporations have lawyers on staff. They pay the lawyers whether they get sued or don't.

Dno2356d ago


the lawyers that defended the customers..... not sonys lawyers... why would we be talking about lawyers that are on sonys staff? makes no sense...

Infernostew2356d ago

Errr.. yeah.. missed that entirely... kind of skimmed what you wrote and made my own judgements. I'll make sure not to do that next time.

MmaFan-Qc2357d ago (Edited 2357d ago )

a great way to wake the f up peoples who still think sony owes them everything, no one is forcing you to use the PSN, deal with it bitches.

hey..fat lady suing mcdonald because she eat there everydays and thats making her fat.... do mcdonald force her to eat their product? nope, so deal with it fat greedy irrational bitch.

ziggurcat2357d ago

wrong. you can still sue sony, just not with a class action suit.

BlackTar1872357d ago

lol the article that this came from the comments are such losers. LOL it's so funny the length people go to to push the Sony is bad line all the while buying MS products like they are some beacon of light. WAKE UP PEOPLE they are all out to get your money and on a real basis MS is pretty high up in the evil Business line.

DragonKnight2357d ago

I thought I saw butt hurt people here but it's nothing compared to the pathetic whining I saw in those comments. I mean wow. After reading that I wouldn't be surprised if someone likened Sony to Hitler or something on that page. It is really sad seeing those comments.

BlackTar1872357d ago

Yea Dragon is was pretty crazy the level of whining in those comments was beyond epic.

cynosure2357d ago

He posted this from a MS OS folks
"Dont talk bad about my Sony"

GraveLord2357d ago

Common sense.
Way to go bringing back old news.

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