Pax East 2012 Preview for PC Gamers

Though we have had GDC this year PAX EAST is really the start of the gaming convention season and where we start getting hands on with the big games coming out his year.

Some of the big publishers like Bethesda and Blizzard have their own conventions and of course there is E3 and later PAX prime but PAX East is still kind of the beginning. Whereas E3 is about the gaming industry PAX is all about the gamers. Its a chance for game devs to open up their game in a limited fashion to a mass audience and get first impressions.

There are also events at PAX like the panels and also the fun afterparties like Gamers Gone Wild and the Curse Party that are a blast and those will also be covered.

So there are a lot of games coming out this year. Last year was the year of the RPG, this year is really the year of the MMO.

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