David Cage On Kara: “We Can Have An Open World With The Same Quality”

Kara’s impressive, sure, but when the tech demo was first shown off, most assumed that it looked so good because the environment was so contained, so small.

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faysal2173d ago

WHAT!!!!!!!!! im stuned....

pangitkqb2173d ago

If this is true, I would love to see it. Good things :D

faysal2173d ago

tbh after seeing all the ps3 exclusive, im not surprised that this is possible.

lastdual2173d ago (Edited 2173d ago )

I don't doubt that Quantic Dream has some talented designers, but it really depends on what Cage means by "the same quality".

At what resolution and frame rate? With how many NPCs on screen at once? With what degree of physics enabled? Etc.

No amount of programming wizardry will erase the fact that hardware does have limits. To make such things possible, there have to be sacrifices somewhere along the line.

ABizzel12173d ago

Love to see this as a PS4 launch title. Speaking of which, what franchises do you think will make the launch?

faysal2173d ago

ofcurse ps3 has limits...
to make a amazing game you need an amazing story and plots which will entertain you through out the whole game.. it do not need tons of people on sreen and 60+ fps to be a good game... if that was the case then 90% of the games that came out for this gen console are unplayable and useless.

to me a game has to have a good story,plots,entertainment and playable FPS, people do not NEED 60fps to play or enjoy games.
it all comes down to fun factor.

lastdual2173d ago


What you're saying basically reinforces my point - that "quality" can mean different things to different people and in different contexts. Thus, people should probably stay realistic with what they draw from Cage's statement.

F7U122173d ago

sorry dude but I'll believe it when I see it.

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piroh2173d ago

nothing new here, we already know David is a genius

mayberry2173d ago

Infamous 1/2 has awesome visuals for being open world games, so I can see that it is very possible to do it. So when cage says " According to David Cage the fidelity isn’t related to the confined gameplay space “in any way”. "“We can have an open world with the same quality,” he said, although don’t take this to mean Quantic Dream’s next game will be an open world one."

Jio2173d ago

Well...Time to start getting excited for their next game

Bosna12173d ago

yeah sure... on ps4 yeah.. damn devs like to hype shit.

faysal2173d ago (Edited 2173d ago )

@bosna1 i think you are the troll who disliked every ones comments.

if you actually read the article David Cage said " maybe i will demonstrate is soon"

soo i think he aint hyping a false statement, he is stating the FACT.

Incipio2173d ago (Edited 2173d ago )

Developers lie about, hype or misrepresent things all the time.

I remember reading a Game Informer exclusive interview with Infinity Ward when they made Call of Duty 4. They stated that even the grass was going to be animated and would move and blow in the wind.

But did that happen? Nah. They couldn't even make good on a promise of non-static grass.

Bottom line - I don't trust devs' statements until I play a beta or a finished product.

faysal2173d ago

yep they do lie, i didnt say they dont...

but in this case he said he can show it to us and i belive him after seeing heavy rain and kara...

and grass do blow on wind in cod4 not on multiplayer tho...

Bosna12173d ago (Edited 2173d ago )

Faysal sounds like if David Cage said "suck my ...." you would.

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