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Trendy Gamers: Although we didn’t review every single game in March, the ones we did all received high marks. Not counting the Mass Effect 3: From Ashes DLC, the lowest score we handed out was a 7. With that said, here are the March 2012 Game of the Month Awards.

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pangitkqb2240d ago

Journey deserves it. Great, original, enthralling game.

JellyJelly2240d ago

It probably does. Haven't played it but it seems amazing.

Lots of great downloadable games this and upcoming months. I loved Sine Mora and Shoot Many Robots, and I can't wait for Trials Evolution, Deadlight and FEZ.

GamerEuphoria2240d ago

Journey also has a strange relaxing element to it, not sure anyone can rage over such a peaceful experience!

Run_bare2240d ago

I Love Journey, make me want to play Flow and Flower again. It deserve Game of the Month.