Familiarity of unfinished Xbox 720 for edge on PS4

InEnt writes: There is no doubt that the first model of Xbox 360 had been an unfinished design, which led to RROD on two of the models we owned and countless failures with friends and family over the years. So far both Sony and Microsoft have showed patience when queried over displaying something at E3 this year, and we hope this patience continues so we get next-generation systems that are truly finished.

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danswayuk2299d ago

Please do not rush these consoles Microsoft and Sony, although I am ready for next-gen when you are.

GraveLord2299d ago

Sony's specs seem to be near-final based on the specs that leaked this week. When has Sony ever rushed a console though? Never. PS3 even got delayed back then....

frelyler2299d ago

We all know the only company guilty of pushing out an unfinished poorly designed product was Microsoft. They wanted a leg up by getting their product to market first. In any other business market to have an above 50% failure rate would spell...failure. The fact that Microsoft survived with a failure rate that high really is quite amazing. Not talking about game quality people, this is strictly from a hardware point of view. Anyone that disagrees with that clearly knows how to deny very factual data. In fact I have heard estimates that peg the failure rate of first gen 360's at around 90%. The fact that people keep supporting that type of terrible business practice is another baffling piece of the puzzle. I know I learned from my mistakes.

danswayuk2299d ago

The latest 360 design is really nice, I just hope they get it right quicker next time.

LaChance2299d ago

" In fact I have heard estimates that peg the failure rate of first gen 360's at around 90%"


Go back to your imaginary world.

mcstorm2299d ago

I think the rrod is blown way out by fany boys. I had the rrod on my 1st 360 and so did my bro but everyone else i know who got a 360 12 months after it was out have not had the rrod. It was the same with the ps3 i had the yold and so did my boss at work and we both had consoles from the 1st gen but people i know who got them after the 1st 12 months have not had the problem. Both consoles had a problem at the beginning of this gen the only difference was ms decided to add extra cover on there consoles and tell everyone about it and sony did not and kept quite about it.

kreate2299d ago

there are still 'live' first gen 360s operating right now in the houses of the general consumer?

the ones before the falcon/jasper chips?

Denethor_II2298d ago

Do you know anyone who has a, or if an original 360 release console still exists?

frelyler2298d ago

Not imaginary, if you know someone that still has a working 1st gen 360 then they either never turned it on or are lying about it not breaking which is pathetic.

outlawlife2298d ago

I know a person with a launch day 360, the one problem he recently had was he had to replace the disc drive

the other, issue he has had was his original hard drive stopped working about a year ago

it isnt impossible, and it doesn't require lying was just luck of the draw

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SignifiedSix2299d ago (Edited 2299d ago )

As an Xbox 360 fan, I can agree about the 50% failure rate. 90%? I don't know about that one lol.
I got my first 360 at launch and it only held up for two. Did the cheap fix on it and it lasted a third year!

So after it died, I waited for the model that arrived before the slim. Got it for Christmas of 09 and she still works like brand new. Thank God.

And not going to lie, I really hate the 360 slim compared to the last model ha. Touch sensitive buttons are so frickin lame!

My cousin was hooking up my bro's slim and his waist hit the eject button. Didn't hear the "beep" and broke the tray. Haha garbage they are.

Sorry to offend you slim owners, but the last model is much better ;)

jmac532299d ago

I went through five 360's that got RROD'ed. The last time, I told Xbox support that if I got another refurbished Xbox that got a RROD I would trade it in for a PS3. It must have gotten there attention because they sent me a 360 slim. I think Microsoft had learned the lesson the hard way and will not repeat that mistake. The total cost of that mistake was around $1 billion.

danswayuk2299d ago

It was a big lesson but look how nice the Slim is, let's hope for something near perfect right off the bat next-gen.

dcbronco2299d ago

Articles that still bring up RRoD and think it applies to next gen are stupid. 2013 will be 8-9 years later. There is nothing rushed about that long a generation.

cas852298d ago

Can someone explain what is so hard about designing a console that will tolerate estimated temperatures and why would this "rush" that lasts years would make Microsoft overlook the design basics and tolerance figures that shouldn't take more than a few hours on a computer to calculate and perhaps a few weeks to test in real life?

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