Final Fantasy XIII-2 Interview: Noel Kreiss - Jason Marsden []

GamingUnion: "The voice of Noel Kreiss joins Final Fantasy Union! In this episode of FF Union Lauren interviews voice actor Jason Marsden, the voice of Noel Kreiss in Final Fantasy XIII-2. Jason answers lots of fan questions and gives a behind-the-scenes look at voice acting in Final Fantasy XIII-2."

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tweex2299d ago

Minus the troll ending, Noel was a great character for me!

Ranma12299d ago ShowReplies(1)
Arksine2299d ago

I liked the game, but the ending was bullcrap. Doubt we're gonna get any free DLC to fix it either. FFXIII recieved a lot of hate, but atleast it had a proper ending.

I suppose on the bright side there could be several endings to build from if they decide to take the paradox endings further. Whatever they do, they need to expand the crystarium. My characters are maxed out with several hundred thousand CP to spare.

mephman2299d ago

Jason is an awesome guy.