Triple Threat - Final Fantasy IV, VI, VIII : RPG Gems

GamingUnion: "If it seems like it's cheating to bunch a handful of games together in one entry... well, it kind of is. There are a number of other Final Fantasy games that I would consider to be “gems,” but each of them was chosen for some very specific aspect. Final Fantasy IV, VI, and VII are probably the least radical of the modern entries -- and therefore, the least unique -- yet they're considered to be the most beloved entries in the series."

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JDouglasGU2327d ago

My questions is: Are these ones better than Final Fantasy X-2? Because that's the only one I've played :S... If there aren't any dress-swapping mini-games, I'm out!

Ranma12327d ago

They missed FF9. FF9 also has a dress swapping mini game, more like a part of the game.

All FF games 1-10 are gems. All FF games 11-14 are goat sh*t compared to the previous ones