Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut Ending Ends Fan Hopes for Real Resolution

"Today, Bioware announced on their blog that they are releasing an Extended Cut to the Mass Effect 3 ending, totally free of charge, this summer. The Extended Cut will include additional cutscenes and epilogue scenes, but will not change any of the endings, choices, or affects of the endings in order to maintain the "team's artistic vision." I consider this news genuinely disastrous, as a huge fan of the franchise and someone grossly opposed to the ending on every level. I'm going to break down what the problems with the ending are, and why Bioware's "solution" won't satisfy anyone at all, and even crushes the hopes of indoctrination theory supporters." -gamrReview

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moegooner882145d ago (Edited 2145d ago )

Author put a lot of effort into this piece, personally i will wait for the DLC before making a final judgment

NYC_Gamer2145d ago

I guess because its the same endings people disliked just with added cutscenes/ epilogue scenes.

dc12145d ago

I have to believe that Bioware/EA is trolling us.
- The real ending was scheduled for release as paid DLC
- Bioware/EA does not want to give us the real ending for free
- as a result, we are now presented with a free 'explanation' of the events that we witnessed in ME3 so that we can be prepared for the 'at cost' real ending DLC.

This all sucks! Just look at the eyes! ...

**** Spoiler *******
Shepard is indoctrinated in the synthesis and control options.

TekoIie2145d ago

you kids and your conspiracy theories ;)

please tell me what would have happened if people liked the ending and EA's DLC plan failed. That would cost them even more money planning new DLC and on top of that why is this DLC free then???

jwk942145d ago

This is the ONLY DLC you're getting related to ME3's ending. They are going to charge for it down the road though.

swirldude2145d ago

That is quite a detailed breakdown. A shame the game ended that way.

Kantor2145d ago

Thank you for not telling gamers to suck it up like most game journalists and defending Bioware's "artistic integrity".

A bad ending is a bad ending, and we haven't gone through three games and 80 hours of gameplay to be met with space magic and a complete lack of ending customisation.

TekoIie2145d ago

absolutely true dude! Just hope this "fixes" things although it wont be the same since we have already completed the game and its not the same completing it a second time for a different ending :(

Redempteur2145d ago

I'm not a fan of these endings but i'll take more informations to try to understand WTf happenned .i don't have much hope but i'll see

IDonQuixote2145d ago

Unless they give SOME reason why the combined races could survive that, whether stranded or 'sploded, they've made it well nigh impossible to continue the Mass Effect universe in future games.

So if that doesn't change, any future game will be set in past wars we know the endings to already, or in what amounts to an entirely new universe. That makes me sad as hell.

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The story is too old to be commented.