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Bioware - "For many of you the “Extended Cut” will help answer some questions and give closure to this chapter of the Mass Effect story. Oh and it’s at no cost to you – the fan."

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FrightfulActions2297d ago

So instead of a new ending that isn't shit, they're going to sprinkle glitter on what they have to try to make it less crappy. I really don't see that working out well, the game all about choices will still end with three color endings. But we'll see. Maybe they will find some way to make space magic seem less like bullshit. I doubt it though. Artistic vision is not an adequate excuse to get by with trash. "Sure it makes no sense, gives fans the middle finger, fails you deliver on promises and offers no real choices, but its just so goddamn artistic! Artsy Fartsy~ :D"

I get the distinct impression that when this 'extended cut' releases, a lot of people are still going to feel cheated. But who knows, maybe they will make Godchild seem logical.

Built weapon that could destroy all synthetic life. Destroy all organic life to keep them from being destroyed from synthetic life. Yes, I see it now. It makes perfect sense. Wait...

VanillaBear2297d ago

"So instead of a new ending that isn't shit, they're going to sprinkle glitter on what they have to try to make it less crappy"

Thats excatly what I've been thinking, free or not, us ME fans who wanted the ending changed have failed.

One of the reasons people complained in the first place was because of all the plotholes in the ending AND YET they are going to continue from it. All those plotholes are still going to be there. I mean why have it that Shepard is alive in just ONE of the endings if they are not going to use the Indoctrination theory. He's surrounded by RUMBLE from the streets of London not the can you explain that off.

"So there you have it. Are we proud of the game we made and the team that made it? Hell yes. Are we going to change the ending of the game? No. Do we appreciate the passion and listen to the feedback delivered to us by our fans? Very much so and we are responding."

That just seems like a big middle finger to ME fans, especialy towards that Indoctrination theory forum.

They took about the artisic choices and how they are proud of the ending but it seems like the sort of stuff that was said in those articles defending Bioware and the ending, like people have given them a wall to hide behind.

They could of made an amazing bit of DLC, where you wake up after being hit by the Harbingers laser and you continue the fight. That would of solved all the complaints and issues people had with the ending.

It's hard not to sound ungratefull but how can you when it's obvious they havent listened. They know for a fact that because it's free people will defended them more even though they still havent addressed the issues about the ending or even going to fix them. Some of the things in the ending just can't be explained....they just can't.

If the cutscenes end up using the theory and Shepard wakes up after being up by the last then fair enough but this solves nothing what people have complained about. I just give up with Bioware now, fans gave them a way out and they didn't take it.

FrightfulActions2297d ago (Edited 2297d ago )

The really messed up thing is all these articles that come out saying that the FANS are WRONG to complain. Calling them "cry babies" and "entitled" and other such things. It's absolutely insane. I can understand why someone who has ONLY played ME3 could feel that way, or maybe someone who only rushed through any of the other games but didn't really follow the lore. Ignorance is bliss right? But honestly I cant help but feel those people who complain over fans complaining about this, clearly have no knowledge of the subject whatsoever. I cannot, for the life of me, see how anyone who has played through these three games, or even just two of them, could ever view the ending as anything BUT a plothole-riddled mess of garbage.

I really don't see how BioWare is going to be able to add closure to these endings, I really don't. Even if they added cutscenes saying "the relays had a different kind of explosion this time, your team mates were teleported back on the ship, Joker used his pilot-senses to know to start running for the explosion" I just don't see how they're going to be able to explain that ending, in anyway, to make it make any kind of logical sense and fit in the plot.

The real kick in the pants is how fantastic the Indoctrination Theory is. I mean, it really is solid. It's not 'grasping at straws' as some have said if you actually pay attention. It all fits together very well and almost seems obvious and planned. They could had used that as an excuse and say it was always planned, imagine being able to wake up in London after the blast ready to finish your mission and send the Reapers screaming back to dark space. It would had been fantastic. Instead they choose to keep the crappy endings. Yes, we wanted closure, sure and it will be nice to get some of that at least, but one of the biggest complaints, as you said, was the damn plotholes.

I'm hoping when it releases, if it doesn't somehow perform a miracle and make sense of the ending, that fans will stand up against it and let their voices be heard. With just a little bit of luck, we may eventually get the ending we all deserve.

Coincidentally I find it funny that this is happening after the backlash that came from the last Mass Effect novel. Tons of fans spoke up about it being full of plotholes and not fitting into the story, and they listened and are rewriting the book to fix these problems. After that you'd think they'd had paid a bit more attention to the game.

Note to VanillaBear: Sorry I ended up ranting about something else to a reply to you. I'm a bit frustrated at seeing my favorite game series being spat on like it is, and us fans being given the bird. Glad there's people out there like yourself who know we're being ignored and not considering anyone who complains about the ending a "entitled whiner".

krazykombatant2296d ago

only thing left to do after the extended cut, is just start voting with your wallet. Don't buy anymore Bioware products. simple as that.

It will take lots of convincing on their part to get me to buy another ME game let alone another BioWare game.

Mythicninja2296d ago

Exactly. Do they really expect me to invest myself into their next franchise? Especially when it runs the risk of fumbling the ball at the 1 yard line like this did? Do they expect me to touch ANYTHING that mac walters or casey hudson touch ever again? I usually make empty threats to pirate something when I'm mad, and yet I can't even see myself even doing that when the story will completely contradict itself at the very end, and leave a bitter taste. When sales are significantly lower in the next bioware game will they complain that the former fans are "entitled cry babies" that should just "buy the game already" so that they can "stay in business"? I really wonder

baldulf2296d ago

Just a "where they are now".

I guess even the Animal house joke on youtube is going to be better than this.

unknownhero11232296d ago

" Are we going to change the ending of the game? No. Do we appreciate the passion and listen to the feedback delivered to us by our fans? Very much so and we are responding."

and so they have responded, with a middle finger. Bioware, a turd in the shape of a statue is still a turd. you were not truely listening to the fans but to your egos. As one user already said, the fans gave bioware a way out with the indoctrination theory but bioware refused to save face. Well, I hope they enjoy the $60 that I gave them on ME3 because that's the last of my money they will see.

Rupee2296d ago

Totally agree. Last money spent to Bioware for the foreseeable future... Unbelievable how utterly stupid the ending was.

Valkyre2296d ago

I did not like the ending of the movie Apocalypse Now.

I am going to file a complain and sue the company that produced the movie. I am going to call them names (because hey this is the internet and I can be an awesome badass) and demand that they completely change the ending to my liking.

How about you people accept that you dont like the damn ME3 ending and move on with your lives?? It is their game, and they can do whatever they want with it. Hell, they can tell you that Reapers are the by product of dog shlt and a smartphone all mixed up in some space magic powder...

it is their creation and theirs alone.

You believe they messed it up? Good, I agree with you and I will critisize them.

Will I join you in some idiotic DEMAND to completely change the ending they chose? NO, because it is stupid and no matter the ending you will never be able to satisfy everyone.

Also it would be fun to magically "forget" the bad ending when they "magically" replace it with a new one. It is going to be stupid for everyone to just act in denial that, hey the original ending was not the one you have now.

Again, MOVE ON, it is a game with a bad ending. That does not entitle you to change it. Critisize it all you want. That is as far as your "rights" go...

RedDead2296d ago

Look i'm sick of ^^^ this. The ending is allowed to be crap. But they are not allowed to lie to us about the ending having choices. And no, they could easily have taken the indoc theory. It does not 'change' the ending at all. It's simply an extension, which would both solve ALL the plot holes, and fix everything bad about the ending...along with fixing the real complaints(the lies).

If a company openly falsely advertises then they SHOULD get alot of backlash. I don't care how you feel on that subject or how many get away with it. Company = lie.. Company deserves what Bioware got. If they don't get that, lucky them. Bioware fans did not let them get away with it. That's all.

Rupee2296d ago (Edited 2296d ago )

You're wrong. I didn't like the ending to mass effect 2 (very few did) but I didn't care if it was changed because it seemed to fit in the lore. The ending for me3 was opposite of what the series represented and made NO SENSE within the lore/rules that Bioware themselves created.

Do they have the right to be "artistic"? Yes. But they have no right to troll their fans Fans who have invested hundreds of dollars and hundreds more hours to this franchise. Not only do I think this "band aid " extended content is a middle finger but the ending itself is a middle finger to these fans. Its as if they thought throwing in a bunch of explosions would appease "those stupid gamers". I really don't know what they were thinking and what they expected.

kent800820072296d ago

I appreciate the gesture bioware and I hope you know there are people who know how to appreciate your efforts instead of criticizing all the time, it's not even a matter of whether you did good or bad, these people are simply mean and vulgar.

You've screwed up the ending, that you can't deny, but now you know that part of your fans are nothing more than a bunch of aggressive, mean and reckless dicks, I'm not saying this because they complain, they have every right to complain all they want, it's their rash actions, how they called people names, insulted others, threaten to boycott your products and do all sorts of stupid things, it's revolting.

So better luck next time, hope your games in the future will live up to their expectations, as sad as it is these are the imbeciles who pay your wages, I feel for you.

Mythicninja2296d ago

Wait a minute, boycotting a product is revolting?

Rupee2296d ago

What's wrong with boycotting? And I hated the ending but I was never vulgar or mean. I respect Biowares work excluding the ending but I'm extremely disappointed with how they handled the most important part of the game.

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