Sex offenders "purged" from video game platforms in New York

The office of the Attorney General in New York has announced a "first-of-its-kind sweep" of video game platforms to remove registered sex offenders from online networks where they might have an opportunity to communicate with children. Attorney General Eric T Schneiderman said that more than 3,500 accounts of New York registered sex offenders have been purged from online game platforms as part of "Operation: Game Over."

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-Mika-2297d ago

Wow is this serious because this is a violation of the first amendment. These guys payed money for their console. Unless you have proof they using the service in a negative way. Then ban them. If they are not, then they should be allowed to play online. This is really unconstitutional and i hope the people that have gotten ban will hire some lawyers and appeal this.

Emilio_Estevez2297d ago (Edited 2297d ago )

That doesn't matter, felons aren't allowed to have guns, that's a violation of the constitution. The US is past the days of following the constitution. In this case, I'm fine with it.
"We must ensure online video game systems do not become a digital playground for dangerous predators. That means doing everything possible to block sex offenders from using gaming networks as a vehicle to prey on underage victims," That is why I'm fine with it, if they want rights then they shouldn't mess with children. It's despicable and they are lucky to see the light of day. Btw, I've lived in NY most of my life.

sphinct2297d ago (Edited 2297d ago )


And what about those who have reformed? What about those who were falsely convicted? Screw them, right? Let's take away things they paid for!

At least 140 people were wrongly put on death row in America between 2000 and 2011. Look up "List of Exonerated death row inmates on Wikipedia."

Emilio_Estevez2297d ago (Edited 2297d ago )


Unfortunately that would happen, but I'm fine with that. We aren't talking about killing people here, it's removing online from their console, they couldn't be farther apart. I don't give a flying f if a few people have to make new accounts incorrectly. It's a small price (that most people wouldn't even have to pay) to keep kids safer. Are you a father? I thought not. I am. I already know about the Death Row, completely unrelated. People in prison don't have rights, this doesn't compare to things like prison and death row, so don't exaggerate and make it seem so insane. They lost PSN/XBL, big f'in deal. I actually do know someone who was wrongly convicted of a sex crime, doesn't affect they way I see this.

jimbobwahey2297d ago

Not all sex offenders are pedophiles, and it's ridiculous to assume so. I mean really, if some 18 year old guy has sex with his 17 year old girlfriend he'd become a registered sex offender. There's all sorts of stupidity regarding the law that can ruin somebodies life completely even if they're not a pedophile.

I'd be willing to bet that a significant amount of the so-called sex offenders that have been targeted by this are registered for crimes that aren't even related to children.

sphinct2297d ago (Edited 2297d ago )

@ DrStabwounds

I AM a father. As well as a husband, brother, and son.

You can spin the death row argument as irrelevant if you wish, but the point remains the same. Punishing a few innocent people seems like a reasonable idea if it makes the general populace safer...UNTIL YOU OR SOMEONE YOU LOVE is the one being punished.

If your son, father, brother, or best friend was facing unjust punishment of any type, whether being kicked off xbox live or sentenced to life in prison, it's very different when you see the hurt in their eyes. Punishing that innocent person doesn't lessen rape or murder, it simply makes them suffer.

Let's unjustly put you on the sex offender list, limit your job opportunities, threaten you with jail time, and top it off by saying you can no longer play online games. I'm sure you would just love it in the name of trying to protect the public, right?


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Lord_Sloth2297d ago

When you commit a crime which causes mental or physical harm against another human you have given up your rights.

Be glad it's not left up to me because I'd just shoot murderers and rapists on the spot. I'd cut back the Prison taxes and clear up so much space at just 20 cents a head!

sphinct2297d ago (Edited 2297d ago )

140 Americans were removed from death row between the year 2000 and 2011. They were exonerated because it turns out they were wrongly convicted. That's 140 human beings who were almost killed for crimes they didn't commit.

According to your statement, you would have put a bullet in every one of their heads. That means you would have murdered 140 innocent men and women.

That's the reason the justice system is a slow, complex process. Some people are wrongly convicted of rape and murder. Do they deserve a bullet in the head? Are their lives only worth 20 cents to you? Don't they deserve more time to prove they are a victim themselves? According to you, apparently not.

Lord_Sloth2297d ago (Edited 2297d ago )

Personally I have little to no value on the people next door or across the street either, but what I'm saying is when you catch them in the act.

If the Death Penalty were more frequent we'd have a lot less crime in this world.

I've seen what rape does to it's victims and, in my eyes, it's the lowest of the low. Most rapists don't even get charges pressed against them. Your justice system keeps letting those assholes go! Yes, I'd take that chance if it meant getting them off the street so they could never harm my friends again. If she was willing to give me the name this would have been a very different story, I assure you.

@ TacoTaru
I usually buy .40s at my local Wally World. 20 cents isn't accurate. It's probably closer to 30-35 cents a bullet and 50 bullets per box. I never really calculated.

Not always the case. In the state of Georgia they allow 2 years of leeway. A 19 year old can legally have sex with a 17 year old. An 18 with 16.
Besides, that's a different category of "rape" and not actually rape. Shut up and think before you speak, dude.

TacoTaru2297d ago

Where do you find bullets for only 20 cents each? I hope you are at least planning to use some high quality, large caliber ammunition. I'm guessing this is the reason you are getting Disagree's.

jimbobwahey2297d ago

An 18 year old male can be classified as a sex offender and a rapist for having consenual sex with his girlfriend on the day before her 18th birthday.

If you seriously think that people like that deserve to die then you're sick in the head, and poison to society.

pangitkqb2297d ago (Edited 2297d ago )


I'm sure you would take that chance on some strangers life, but would you take it with your own?

Sphinct took the words out of my mouth above, so I'll just quote him:

"If your son, father, brother, or best friend was facing unjust punishment of any type, whether being kicked off xbox live or sentenced to life in prison, it's very different when you see the hurt in their eyes. Punishing that innocent person doesn't lessen rape or murder, it simply makes them suffer.

Let's unjustly put you on the sex offender list, limit your job opportunities, threaten you with jail time, and top it off by saying you can no longer play online games. I'm sure you would just love it in the name of trying to protect the public, right?"

Your willing to let some other poor sap be the occasional sacrificial lamb, how about offering up yourself or someone you love?

Lord_Sloth2297d ago (Edited 2297d ago )

I wouldn't care. Most people can't find jobs right now anyway and I don't play games online really. The issue is everybody wants to be that exception and nobody's willing to stand by what they say. I assume you were expecting me to be another of those types.

I'll not alter a system designed to keep people safe until there is a better way. As of right now there is not. Besides, I always have an alibi since I stick to a predictable schedule and am never alone for any of it.

And, yes, I am willing to be said lamb for my family. I am also out of bubbles so I cannot reply further. Argument ends here, folks.

pangitkqb2297d ago

Big words for someone talking about alibis from the comfort of a chair. Let me know how good you feel if your dad or brother or other loved one is hauled to prison for a crime they didn't commit.

I'm sure they will be thrilled you were willing to sacrifice them.

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Yomaster2297d ago (Edited 2297d ago )

They gave up their rights when they decided to break a federal law and exact their ill intent on children.

When a pedophile is convicted, they have to stay away from schools, etc. and avoid any contact with children. That's their punishment for what they've done. Online gaming is full of children. It's common sense.

In this country, we all have our rights until you take someone else's away. Then, you're punished for it. This new law wouldn't apply to those who have been deemed wrongly convicted by the court system; at that point, all punishments are abolished. This law applies to the pedophiles that aren't in jail and sit in their nice homes enjoying life, as many of them do if they aren't killed in prison by another inmate.

IMHO, blatant sex offenders (not the gray area "18-year-old who had sex with his 17-year-old girlfriend") should receive the death sentence. These convicts are almost ALWAYS repeat offenders, and they attack the easiest targets: CHILDREN. There's a reason why even murderers hate pedophiles.

You're talking about handing a sex offender the tools he needs to commit his crimes. It's like handing a murderer his pistol on his way out of the courtroom. It's disgusting that the first thing you think of is the constitutional right of a PEDOPHILE to play video games with children. What a joke.

Drekken2297d ago

I really don't give 2 s**ts about a sex offenders rights. Just like murderers, they should have none.

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Drithe2297d ago

After what I went through one night, I am glad this his happening. Me and my nephew were playing BF BC2 online and this guy starting breathing heavy that was on our team. Then he started making moaning sounds and stuff and started getting louder and faster. It was very creepy and I reported him to Sony for it. People like that are disturbed and disgusting.

End of Line.

Mikeyy2297d ago

You have got to be kidding me... he was just a mouthbreather, grow up.

jimbobwahey2297d ago

Poor guy could have been having an asthma attack, but idiots like Drithe don't ever stop and use their brains do they? Much easier to be ignorant fools like Lord_Sloth up above. It's disgusting.

Saryk2297d ago

As a father I want all the protection for my kids as best as possible. However lets be realistic, this is not going to do shit. If someone is stalking your child you have the power for his/her safety, government or the police cannot do it. Hell they can’t even take care of their bills!

Moerdigan2297d ago

wow registered offenders are finding less ways to escape their really crummy reality.

not sure that's entirely good.

sovietsoldier2297d ago

ANOTHER REASON WHY I WANT A ADULTS ONLY XBOX LIVE SERVICE. for me its so i don't have to play with underage kids screaming into mics sounding like girls, playing loud music,or non stop chatter like as if i'm their bff. sex offenders would be stuck in adults only area and that would suck for them and still keep there rights to online gaming. its a win for me and the sex offenders but mainly just me.

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