5 reasons why reviews have failed Kinect Star Wars

With many reviews citing Kinect Star Wars as average, here's a look at some of the reasons why it has been met with such stoic receptions fair or otherwise.

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ShadesMoolah2294d ago

reviewers are SW fans and perhaps expected too much from the game.

bunt-custardly2294d ago

Maybe the game is simply average. No getting away from that when loads of sites all agree.

Summons752294d ago

loads of sites acted like mass effect 3 was the second coming of christ giving it great reviews and that games was terrible so what is your point?

Wintersun6162294d ago


Even with all the negatity about ME3's ending (which I haven't been paying close attention to) I have hard time believing the game is terrible. I'll take it over KSW on any given day.

RaidensRising2294d ago (Edited 2294d ago )

The problem is, that the game appears in terms of gameplay may be below average where it counts, and that's in the light-sabring action moments. I bet when it clicks and it goes as expected, it's quite the magical moment though.

Truth is the material is for us, while the gameplay is aimed at the kids, it's hard to find that middle ground no doubt.

andrewsqual2294d ago

Yeah shadowmask that's it. There are so many 10/10 Star Wars games out there, seriously there are hundreds, this is why it got such bad reviews. Because it is being compared to these epic masterpieces. Or maybe its just another shitty Kinect game? Yeah that's it.

Tomonobu Itagaki2294d ago

When you expect a Jedi Kinect adventure and fall on Kinect Star Wars Dance Party, there are surely ways to get extremely disappointed.
From the very beginning, we could sense the failure. Reviews are just the confirmation of people's fears.

SilentNegotiator2294d ago (Edited 2294d ago )

Reason #1: They didn't lower their standards enough. If it's geared towards children, then it's thoroughly okay for the game to be bad.

Reason #2: The Star Wars IP has been abused so hard...why not once more?

Reason #3: Sticky control is the reviewers' fault for not being able to tell EXACTLY what the game's unmapped limitations are.


Reason #5: Some thrown together mini-games shouldn't be judged. In fact, we should just give all of these Kinect games 10s. All 10s.

/Major Sarcasm

I don't accept that we should judge Kinect or kids games any differently than any other games.

#1: kids games do NOT have to be bad - a good game is a good game, regardless of age.
#2: Yes, the Star Wars franchise has already been cheapened like crazy. But that doesn't mean anyone should be happy about one more time.
#3: Just about every review has mentioned control issues. The controller disconnect will always produce sloppy, untame controls. That's just the way it is. But that's not an excuse, either.
#4: Again, people don't like seeing their favorite franchises abused.
#5: No, it isn't a core game. It's a collection of minigames that spread things very thin. Dancing, podracing, saber duels....there's no focus, no specialization. If you don't see why that's problematic, please stop writing reviews.

Shadonic2294d ago

i agree with numbers 1,2,4,5 num 3 is kind of iffy with every kinect game there needs to be some practice with the controls and the controller disconnect can be easily fixed just by holding a remote or sword which reviewrs have done but they kind of jsut go over it like ohh you can do this. The controller disconnect wont always produce sloppy ,untame controls. From what i know about the game development process its possible that everything all the fans had wanted in the game could or couldent have been mentioned and if they were mentioned they werent worked on for some reasons possibly pertaining to the time needed for development or risks in takeing chances.

2294d ago
ThreshStar2294d ago

*Sigh* how about this: At its core, the game itself is mediocre at best (like a LOT of Kinnect games).

The kinnect itself seems just not 100% for a mainstream audience - the concept is there but I get the feeling the entire technology should've been delayed for a year or 2 so the development could be improved.

StrongMan2294d ago

6. Maybe, juuuuuust maybe, the game is trash.

Never seen so much damage control in my life.

Perjoss2294d ago

You obviously never watched that episode of Battlestar where they blew up the water tanks!

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