Star Wars Kinect: Why It's Better Than You Think

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Drekken2362d ago

Doubt it... Nice try though.

StrongMan2362d ago

Geez, the game is trash. The professional critics agree. Get over it.

And they say PS3 fanboys can't take it when their exclusives get bad reviews. SMH

testerg352361d ago

Sorry.. do you see MS fans here saying its a biased site, or the entire media is out to get MS?

Karlnag32362d ago

Grasping at straws to try and find something great about a terrible game: Why I won't read this article.

memots2361d ago

Would the game be better with move and a 1:1 light saber control? The jumping around can easily be done with pseye.

Now if the game would also be on ps3 would they be "grasping at straws" like this ?

Karlnag32361d ago (Edited 2361d ago )

What with your grasping at straws quote, I assume you are talking to me. Though, it's hard to tell... since you don't appear to have clicked that handy "reply" button to the lower right of my comment. If I am incorrect, then I apologise in advance for the response below.

Straight up, don't put words in my mouth (or text in my comment) or anybody elses for that matter. It's not really all that nice, and might even end up biting you on the arse should that person reply to you (spoiler alert).

I do not care what platform this game is on. I do not care what technology it utilises. It is entirely on rails and a collection of mini games. It's just bad.

Had it used the ps move along with an analogue stick and been a game more akin to the force unleashed, though without the repetitive-only-3(ish)-hours-l ong-ness (that was horribly put but screw re-typing it), then hell yeah that would have been better. It would have been what (most(for the sake of not pulling facts out of my arse(or putting words in the collective mouths of every star wars fan that's a gamer(hint hint memots)))) people really would want/expect out of a motion controlled star wars game.

Hell, that would've been badass in SD on the wii if they could pull off the motion control right. I don't care, since I have access to both the move and a wii with motion plus.

Had they managed to somehow pull that off well with just the kinect or kinect in conjunction with a 360 controller, again hell yes that would have been better, and again I would have access to that and would probably enjoy it, though I would need to purchase a kinect first. It would likely be worth it though.

Sadly though, they didn't do any of that. No, what they did was make a cheap, crappy, on rails, inaccurate collection of mini games, that could be "played" by placing one of those arm flailing tube men from family guy in front of your TV.

TLDR: yes it would be better, but so would any motion controlled star wars game that is an actual game and not on rails, sans-stupid, pointless and uninteresting dancing, regardless of platform or control method.

2361d ago
memots2361d ago

Hey Karlnag3.

No i was pointing at you. I did however steal your quote. My point was more about the article.

I was saying that if the game was also on wii or Ps3 we wouldn't see article trying so hard ( grasping ;) ) to make a bad game good. I think its funny how whenever a game is a exclusive on the 360 since there is so few they are all great as per some fan. Yet pc exclusive or ps3 i just shoved under the rug and all we hear is vgchart and metacritic for a game that came out over 6 years ago.

TheModernKamikaze2361d ago

It's better than you think because I'm han solo.

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