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Trendy Gamers: Kingdoms and colonies living off of the bodies of dead gods, a hero with the power to predict and alter the future, and a mechanical race menacing organic life: these are the foundations of Monolith Soft’s latest title for the Wii, Xenoblade Chronicles. This sweeping, operatic sci-fi adventure shares many similarities with one of Monolith’s earlier series, Xenosaga, as well as Squaresoft’s (now Square Enix’s) Xenogears, which makes perfect sense, considering many members of Monolith worked on the project. That said, neither of them compare to Xenoblade, which seems to be the perfect distillation of the formula that Monolith has been trying to capture for years.

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Anyone in Canada pick the game up today?

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great review

thumbs up……..

not only did you not hate on rpgs, but you only used the silly phrase jrpg once.

well written