Resilience in Mists of Pandaria: Will it Fix It?

Resilience will fix it has long been a phrase used to poke fun at how resilience is all too often presented as our saviour—the be all and end all solution to all our PvP problems. Even Blizzard themselves have made fun of the phrase, naming an achievement after it in Trial of the Crusader. Yet, while resilience certainly won’t solve every issue with PvP in Mists of Pandaria, the mechanic is receiving a complete overhaul and this has potential to solve a number of long standing issues with PvP.

Blizzard has two main aims behind this overhaul. Firstly, Blizzard wants PvP gear to be better both offensively and defensively in PvP than PvE gear. Secondly, they also want to lower the barrier to entry for PvE geared players to enter PvP and make PvP gear more useful in PvE. They intend to do this by adding an offensive element to resilience and giving a significant amount of classic, damage reduction, resilience as baseline in Mists of Pandaria.

Today we’ll be discussing this new mec...

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