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Every game has its villain like every rose has its thorn. Undeniably the two biggest horror games are Resident Evil and Silent Hill. Both games offer jumps and scares but they also offer something else. Freaky-ass antagonists. They've already looked at Chuck Green Vs Frank West, Seth Vs. Shao Kahn now it’s these two.
Resident Evil had Nemesis and Silent Hill had Pyramid Head. Which is scarier? Who will win? They'll be judging on their looks, Reason to Be There,first-impressions, Weapons and Indestructibility.

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JetP06192238d ago

as much as i'd like to say pyramid head. Nemesis just fucked the shit out of my brains in Re3. God damn he's like everywhere.

LOL the first two choices given to you

Run inside the police station
Fight the monster...

Lmfao, pick 2nd one right away. Then after i did a couple of things inside RPD saved my game, got out of the save room hidden under the bottom of the stairs He comes out fucks up the window out of nowhere. So fucking scary man.

JetP06192238d ago

I'd say the bitch covered in bandaids and runs after you endlessly, breaks a fucking METAL DOOR when you thought youre safe in Amnesia the dark descent, thats way scarier than nemesis.

At least nemesis or any other zombie cant touch you in the saving room. Amnesia The dark descent gives you no choice but to keep running because thats all you can do.

You stay in the dark too long, you lose your sanity. You look at the monster for too long you lose your sanity. You stay in one spot for too long your tinderbox runs out and soon you have no light and you lose your sanity and its game over.