Apple Could Play Spoiler In The Next Console Race

Joel Taveras writes, "Recently there has been much talk in the tech world about Apple making a much bigger splash into the gaming space. Some have made claims that the company is already testing an “air controller,” which, if true, shows that Apple is willing to cater to those who have little to no interest in all touch screen gaming. This controller — if it exists — will also make Apple’s iOS platforms more like our home consoles than ever before."

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chadwarden2363d ago

I wish apple would go away. They're ruining everything.

HungPHATx2362d ago (Edited 2362d ago )

Please dude ! If It wasn't for Apple smart phones wouldn't be what they are today ! They Revalutionized touch screen smart phones and opened the door for some budget games on the go ! So why not add a Blutooth controller "air controller" so big devs can give apple gamers a real COD or Battlefield on the go or playing on your iPad while at home with a controller

Ghost2502362d ago Show
chadwarden2362d ago

What's the point of adding an bluetooth controller. Everyone keeps bitching about the vita and the 3ds and how you have to carry an extra device around. What makes you think people would be more willing to carry around a controller.

Ult iMate2363d ago

Why people trying so much to compare Apple devices with dedicated game consoles? No one buy a $800+ with tons of shovelware if it come from Sony, Nintendo or Microsoft. Why should gamers buy something like that from Apple?

I mean just look at the most selling console games: CoD, Halo, GeoW, Mario, Zelda, Pokemon, GT, MGS, Final Fantasy, GTA, Monster Hunter - to name a few best sellers. So how can Apple make audience of those game switch to their devices?

RioKing2363d ago (Edited 2363d ago )

"So how can Apple make audience of those game switch to their devices?"

Ehh, I wouldn't write-off Apple that easily. Let's not underestimate the power and user base that they have. I'm not saying they're going to take over, but think about how many people own iPads ($500+) and iPhones. Apple's a beast.

DA_SHREDDER2362d ago

Everyone already buys the iPad, so Microsoft better watch out, a new 3rd party machine is in town. LMAO!

NellyNel_7_1_32363d ago

This should be interesting to see this "air controller" and see how it compare to the ps3/360 controller as far as gaming.

StoneAgeWarfare2363d ago

"Microsoft does a good job of making multiplatform titles like Call of Duty look exclusive, but Apple’s advertising is so strong and creates such an emotional connection that they will make it look like they invented video games, or at the very least make it appear as though they are the only people selling them"

lmao found it funny

metroid792362d ago

Apple could make an Air console it doesn't matter,Nintendo are setting up some dream teams as we speak trust me the games you see from Nintendo/2nd partys will make Apple/Microsoft/Sony obsolete,plus software is what makes a console succeed remember 3DS when it got MK7/3DLand it basically took off and sold more than any other console before it in its 1st year enough said.

What games will Apple make Hmmmmmm,plus they will need a panaramic/touch tablet controller to even compete as graphics on WiiU have hit a dead end you wont get better on a console 4 the next decade,except on WiiU/PS4/720 obviously as time goes on yes graphics will get beter and better ???

Nintendo have hundreds of franchises/characters they could revive in Full HD,e.g Mach rider Unchained is one there bringing to 3DS its as gritty as Dirt/Motorstorm but the gameplay is better google it ?

TekoIie2362d ago

What does the Wii U controller resemble... AN IPAD, there i said it....

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