70° and ‘The Breaking Point’ Hit PAX East This Weekend! has been your #1 unofficial news source for ALL things OnLive since Day 1, and today we here at OnLiveFans announce our latest step towards bringing you all the coverage you crave. will be attending and covering PAX East! In case you’re not familiar, PAX East is the East Coast’s largest gaming convention, second only to its brother PAX Prime in size nationwide. The convention will run from April 6-8, and almost every game developer and publisher will be there showing off their upcoming products.

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DJLB21152298d ago

good then maybe someone will be able to tell me when the FUCK the Onlive Player app will come to the iPad!!! i like Apple as much as the next guy, but they are being dicks about the approval process. They are mad beacause Onlive wont cut them in 30% by placing purchase links in the app store. Fuck them very much for that. I still hope it gets approved tho LOL