'Games Belong to Fans As Well,' says Demonicon Dev

GamerZines writes:

Artistic integrity isn't applicable to game design due to the medium's interactive nature, at least that's what two developers behind forthcoming fantasy RPG Demonicon believe.

During a recent trip to see Noumena Studios début project we asked creative director Eric Jannot what he thought about the on-going Mass Effect 3 ending controversy, currently stocking the fires of internet hatred, and we were impressed with his insights.

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ritsuka6662323d ago

It's just plain stupid to not listen to the hardcore fans ( and loyal fans)that actually can tell them what is great about the game and what is not so great, and made it sell over millions copies.

krazykombatant2323d ago

I totally agree with this, have some people been total morons in their attitude towards the BioWare people yeah, but its not like they were any better. You promised people over the past 5+ years choices impacting the end of the triology and it doesn't happen.

The game could have been 1000x more epic if they used the Indoctrination theory and continue the fight as DLC, but they didn't choose that, thats fine. Just don't buy anymore BioWare products people. simple as that.