Attention PC gamers; ArmA 3 gets new drooling teaser footage

DSOGaming writes: "Bohemia Interactive has released a new teaser footage for their graphical juggernaut, ArmA 3."

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ritsuka6662293d ago

When ArmA 3 comes out, BF3 will become forever alone... lmao.

GamerSciz2293d ago

Not true as they are not the same. BF3 has a realistic feel to it and tries to be authentic but at the same time it's not trying to be an Army Sim, whereas Arma3 is. It's like comparing Gran Turismo (sim) to NFS Shift 2. It tries to look and feel real but it's not meant to be a sim.

ritsuka6662293d ago (Edited 2293d ago )

Not true as they are not the same. BF3 has a realistic feel "

You contradict yourself.

GamerSciz2293d ago

Clearly you don't know the difference of trying to have an authentic feel and being a simulator. One is trying to be real, and the other is trying to feel real. I guess my comparison of GT vs NFS Shift wasn't clear enough. Shift has good graphics and has a realistic feel to it but it's not trying to be a sim. GT isn't very friendly to the casual gamer because it is a Car takes a lot of work to play it and even more to be good.

Somebody2293d ago

ONLY if Arma 3 decided to add some form of casual gaming elements into its multiplayer them it might give the other popular shooters something to think about.

I enjoyed Arma 2's multiplayer but I do wish for a Battlefield-like experience to exploit the sim. mechanics.Near limitless spawning points (and not 5 miles away from your target), simplified UI (pressing E to enter vehicles and the number keys to access different weapons instead toggling between them with just one key).

I'm not asking for a total gimping of the Arma experience but a mix of both elements in a single game. Let the core game stay hard core sim while adding a casual elements for gamers can choose from.

Orpheus2293d ago

Mark my words .... even though this footage looks mind blowing ... Metro Last Light is going to surpass this for good :D .

NYC_Gamer2293d ago

Metro-Last Light will be the game to push our hardware feature/graphic wise..

lastdual2293d ago

Metro will look amazing, but it has a slightly more sci-fi style, where as Arma is going for a more realistic look.

Eh, either way, those with beastly PCs will be happy :)

pandehz2293d ago

Time to upgrade from my Gtx 460

sovietsoldier2293d ago (Edited 2293d ago )

drool at video, cry over what it takes to runn it that way. arma 2 killed my new i7 when it came out, it will kill again when released.

thedarkvault2293d ago

walking up a hill simulator