PS Vita - 32GB Memory Card coming this Month to Europe

Sony will official publish the missed 32GB Memory Cards in Europe this Month.

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slavish2297d ago

include this with the vita and they could see there numbers go up!

RankFTW2297d ago

I agree but expect to see prices go up by £100 if they do.

antbolton892297d ago

This is ridiculous an extra £30 and you could buy a 3ds

HarryMasonHerpderp2297d ago

Its so dumb,its my only complaint about the vita.
SONY You want to make your own memory cards for vita
because of security reasons okay i get that but why are they so expensive!?
and wheres my PSOne compatibility? lol >_> grrrr.

tigertron2297d ago

Its about time but waaaaaay too expensive, like antbolton89 said, an extra £30 and you could have a 3DS. Crazy price stucture.

mathsman2297d ago


Bet they'll be hella expensive though.

Razongunz2297d ago

to late sony TO LATE! i could have needed this when i actually had to buy a memory card..i had to go for 16 GB..its allright.. but jesus christ..i could have used a 32 gig to get lots of psp games.. my 16 gig will only be enough for future vita games.. so if i want more i'll have to buy another memory card.. which..i probably