Ridge Racer Unbounded dev cut tutorial for controversial controls


Ridge Racer Unbounded developer Bugbear Entertainment has admitted it cut an in-game tutorial that helped explain the game's polarising drift controls.

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Controversy is great way or another people are talking about your product.

Emilio_Estevez2363d ago

Why the hell would you cut a tutorial?

soundslike2363d ago

Why the hell would you need one?

Figure out the controls on your own. That's like gaming 101 under: "Things to do first when playing a new game".

Dovahkiin2363d ago

Tutorials are rarely a bad thing.

PirateThom2362d ago

Egoraptor, who I usually don't like, did a good video talking about Mega Man/Tutorials in games.

Contains bad languaghe

SKUD2362d ago (Edited 2362d ago )

After watching the review on game trailers I couldn't help but think why this game has the RR title. It could of had a better chance being called something else entirely. As it stands it literally has no ties to any past RR games. Might of sounded like a good idea after a few drinks on managements part but in the end. SWING AND A MISS.

All that hard work pointed in the wrong direction.