Shadowrun Will Indeed Return After Reaching Kickstarter Funding Goal in Little More than a Day

Yesterday marked the opening of the Kickstarter campaign to fund Shadowrun Returns, the rebirth of the prestigious Shadowrun franchise in turn based 2D RPG form.

Today marks another important day: the fans have spoken and have put their money where their mouth is, as the funding goal of 400,000 dollars has been reached in little more than twentyfour hours thanks to more than 8,000 backers.

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Dlacy13g2323d ago would this work? Isn't Shadow Run IP still owned by MS? Are they going to license it?

Abriael2323d ago

It hasn't been owned by MS for a while AFAIK

Dlacy13g2323d ago

ah yes... I suppose a little googling helps. :)

NYC_Gamer2323d ago (Edited 2323d ago )

I'm happy we are getting a real Shadowrun and not another terrible shooter

VoggNogg2322d ago

At 1:30 in the video... you will appreciate Mitch (Executive Producer for FASA during the FPS version development) getting pelted over and over for that travesty, lol..

Ashunderfire862323d ago

The first one on 360/PC was not that good, hopefully they will make it better this time

dedicatedtogamers2323d ago

That wasn't the "first one". The first games (afaik) were on Genesis and SNES, and both games rocked.

Regent_of_the_Mask2323d ago

With all these "kickstarters" you would think Shenmue 3 would have one. Guess not.

BrutallyBlunt2322d ago

A proper Shenmue game would likely need millions. The last one was very expensive. It would be interting to see how well the funding goes though.

lasersquad2322d ago

-turn based
-single player

I`ve heard everything I need. Now, you best keep your word on that Harebrained, awright?

Just hoping that developing for touchscreens won`t affect the PC version too.