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Ignore my abysmal rating for one second. I had a good time playing Kinect Star Wars. More accurately, I laughed all the way through it, and most of the people who jumped in to play cooperatively with me left with smiles on their faces.

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Stuart57562322d ago

This is an all time low for Lucas Arts, Microsoft and Kinect. No gaming fan or Star Wars fan could ever enjoy this tripe!

Godmars2902322d ago

Know I'll get flamed for this, but two years of hype, talking up its "potential" and now two years out and a SW clone of Dance Central and you're still expecting Kinect to live up to said "potential?"

The Steele Battalion and Panzer Dragon titles are likely its last chance for it to be anything more than the gimmick it is.

Biggest2322d ago

Odds those two games will have a dance mode? I'd say highly possible.

GribbleGrunger2322d ago

it at times like this that you'd love to be a fly on the all when Microsoft have a board meeting

Tai_Kaliso2322d ago

Just so you know, the dance part of the game is a very small portion. I didn't spend much time on it myself, but there is a ton of other content and each has its own story mode.

I'd say since Kinect is still in its infancy, there is still plenty of time for it to live up to its potential. There are lots of Kinect owners like myself who are having a good time just gaming with theirs.

I've played quite a few titles, from Fruit Nintja, Haunt, Rise Of Nightmares, Kinect Sports Season 1 and 2, Dance Central, Gunstringer, Child Of Eden and Star Wars Kinect and I've had an absolute blast with all of those titles.

I don't get hung up on core or casual or numbers games like so many here like to do, I just game and have fun with it.

Also, its Steel Battalion and Crimson Dragon. Considering Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo will all have variations of motion controls on their next gen consoles, I'd hardly call it a gimmick anymore.

Godmars2902322d ago

The sad/frustrating thing about this is that you and other Kinect users aren't seeing a distinction between what's been considered to be a game in recent history, and Android/iPhone apps. That aside from Haunt or Rise Of Nightmares, everything has pretty much been carnival titles.

Tai_Kaliso2322d ago

Have you ever played Kinect or any of the titles I listed?
Haunt, Kinect Rush, Rise Of Nightmares, Child Of Eden, Gunstringer and Star Wars all have full stories in the game. Fable The Journey, Crimson Dragon and Steel Battalion all will as well.

Kinect only came out a mere 15 months ago, I know it seems like a lot longer, but its only been 15 months.

Kinect Sports and Dance Central surely aren't carnival games. I'm not even sure what your saying a Carnival game is, my best guess is like Monkey Sea Monkey Do or Hold In The Wall, which are shovelware.

The other games I mentioned are full games and offer a lot of fun.

I don't know anything about any Android or Ipod or Ipad, I don't own or use anything like that. I've been gaming since the late 1980's so I surely know what a game is, a game can be just about anything, and there is no core and there is no casual because they are all just GAMES and they are meant to be fun.

At least that is how I look at it.

If you don't own a Kinect and haven't tried Kinect Star Wars, I don't think you have a right to judge it.

Baka-akaB2322d ago

I dont think people are so much questionning you having fun with it , as withing your right .

However none of those title so far have been worthy of the "valid core/hardcore game" moniker . At most , so far , there is Rise of Nighmare , with quite polarized and mixed feelings .

Wich is the part MS and some of its press or fans defenders have been arguing to hell about , since day one . That soon enough we'd see great core games , not just party and casual stuff .

"Soon" has gone by already , and only a few of the titles supposed to change reluctant minds are missing .

Meanwhile of course people who got kinect for those other titles , or a a companion for stuff like me3 are having a blast .

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Tai_Kaliso2322d ago

The game was made by Terminal Reality, it was only published by Microsoft. I'm a gaming fan and a Star Wars fan and I found quite a bit of enjoyment from the game.

I know a lot of other people like myself that are enjoying the game as well.

I think a lot of people went into Kinect Star Wars with a negative outlook from the beginning. If you have a bad attitude and are searching for flaws, you'll surely find them in anything.

It didn't help that most of the attention for the game went towards a dance mode that didn't even make up a 5% part of the actual game.

I don't know you or what consoles you have, but I tend to doubt you actually played Kinect Star Wars or own a Kinect.

If you've actually listened to what people, gamers are saying about Star Wars Kinect, than you'd realize it isn't THAT bad. Even on Metacritic while the score is low, its got some positive reviews and mostly mixed reviews, so there is something fun to be had with the game.

That is all.

Mikhail2322d ago

I find it to be an enjoyable game that my niece would enjoy but not my cup of tea. Well, I'm 21 so I have different taste (especially having a high end PC and PS3/360).

Still, the reviewers had high expectations for it so if they are disappointed , they would really lower the score.

izumo_lee2322d ago

The problem is that when the game was announced Microsoft made it out to be the 1st HARDCORE game for the Kinect. So having it turn out to be a series of minigames & another version of Dance Central i can understand the frustration & disappointment by some reviewers.

2322d ago
Scuzzlebutt2322d ago

Crap game gets crap score. Kinect can't be used for a real game, same as touchpads.