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Scott from The Controller Online writes: "While I’m not exactly a Pinball fanatic, I have spent some time with the old silver ball. Back in the day I spent way too many lunch hours, and quarters, playing a machine called Attack from Mars. I had no idea, at the time, that this machine would be considered a classic, all I knew was that I was hooked. Since then, I’ve played a few machines but none grabbed me the way Attack from Mars did so imagine my surprise and elation when I read the description of Pinball Arcade and saw Attack from Mars metioned! Only to find out it was listed as coming “in the next few years”. Really?"

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Rubberlegs2177d ago

The content is exactly where the iOS's versions are at so I wouldn't call this unfinished (same price too). They already have dlc tables planned with Bride of Pinbot and Medieval Madness being the first pack for 400 points, that's probably next month.

The devs have said before they have upwards of 50 licensed tables that will be released on a monthly basis. It could take a couple years to get all of those out but we should be seeing a couple new tables each month. I'd rather see some different launch tables but its worth getting just for Arabian Nights.

godzilla722177d ago

Arabian Knights is awesome. Have it for the PS3 Williams collection. This one looks cool too. I might have to get it for Vita and PS3! I would like to see Raiders of the Lost Ark and the original Simpsons pinball. How bout Star Wars too!!!

Rubberlegs2177d ago (Edited 2177d ago )

Yeah I'd like see the Indiana Jones table too but they haven't talked about that. Hook from the movie was another I remember playing a lot.

The confirmed tables I've read coming are Monster Bash, Attack From Mars, Funhouse, Black Knight, TAXI, Dr. Dude, Space Shuttle, Harley-Davidson, Cirqus Voltaire, Creature from the Black Lagoon, Elvira, Party Monsters. More will get added but these are tables we should be getting over the next year.