Skyward Sword’s Controls Were Fine

ZD writes: Understandably, Skyward Sword’s controls were a concern for many people when the game was announced. I think a lot of us were a little worried that the controls wouldn’t be what we were promised. Pre-release, these sentiments were understandable, but some people are still bothered by Skyward Sword’s controls. When it came out it received some criticisms for having “inaccurate” or “unresponsive” controls. These statements are false.

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dedicatedtogamers2322d ago

No, the sword controls were not fine for a very simple reason: you were rooted to one spot when you fought. The rolls, jumps, and dashes of the series were exchanged for "puzzle battles" where you had to hold and swing the Wiimote this way or that way to win, and the accuracy issues didn't help one bit. The combat lost its fast-paced nature and became a puzzle.

Maxned2322d ago

...except you could still do all of those things in Skyward Sword. I also have no idea why you're complaining about combat mechanics, because this game had by far the most diverse combat in the series.

krazykombatant2322d ago

I will disagree, you could just shake the remote and kill the majority of the bad guys.

I liked Twilight Princess style, it felt better learning all of the combat moves.

bangoskank2322d ago

The game is almost unplayable for me as my motion plus constantly bugs out and Link pulls out his shield repeatedly for no reason or becomes locked into one direction. It would have been nice if Nintendo gave us the option to play with normal controls.

krazykombatant2321d ago

Most likely its your wii remote/nunchuck.

bangoskank2321d ago

I was thinking this might be the case but that doesn't make me any less irritated about the $80 I spent to play a game that won't let me play it.

mike1up2321d ago

(previous comment)

If you thought that the controls in Twilight Princess were better than Skyward Sword then you really are Krazy.

krazykombatant2321d ago

Agreed, shame it doesn't work for you though, things like this can certainly tarnish your thoughts on a certain game.

Thats why I hope for the next console, they improve the wii remotes even more for 1:1 movement, if they're going to continue with motion games, might as well give me the best experience with the remotes.

mike1up2321d ago

The controls were more than fine, they were incredible. I have never felt so immersed in a game.