MGS3 for Vita won't have 3DS features, some 'very big things' planned for Rising

In the latest Kojima Productions Report podcast, number 158, the team’s staff members answered some questions sent in by listeners.

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MrGunny942329d ago

I'm dying on some Rising news.. especially release date! And collector's edition

Nyxus2329d ago

Yeah, and I'd also like to know more about the story.

Afterlife2329d ago

Same. I want to see gameplay footage.

neutralgamer192329d ago

Duhh it wont have crappy 3d lol

Nyxus2329d ago

That's not even what they were talking about. And from what I've heard the 3D in MGS3 is pretty good.

izumo_lee2329d ago

Unfortunately cause of the 3D it runs worst than the PS2 version according to the Digital Foundary article awhile back.

I think the Vita version of MGS3 will play similar to Peacewalker on the PSP only with more precise controls cause of the 2nd analog stick.

I do wonder if Rising is still coming to the Vita like they teased some time ago.

TheDivine2329d ago

They prob mean the added peace walker controls and aiming. Also the tilt functions. It will be the same game as the hd version, nothing added to it.

neutralgamer192329d ago

If the 3d is good kudos to kojima productions. And it was a joke sorry i didnt make that more clear.

mshope102329d ago

i have metal gear 3d and it looks and plays better then the ps2 versions!and the 3d is amazing!

and im not saying the 3ds is the best thing in the world and sony sucks cause i know thats how yinz will take that comment.

so i wanted to explain.i just feel people will miss a cool version of the game from people saying bad stuff about.and i loved my ps2 so im not a sony hater!how can anyone not love the system that brought us gta3,and metal gear 2,3!

PirateThom2329d ago

As an aside, I got a patch for MGS Collection on PS3 the other day and have no information on it... anyone know for why it was patched?

catfrog2329d ago

maybe theyre getting ready for cross platform play? just a guess

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