Ready Your Wallets: Amazon's Spring Sale Begins Now

GR - "Amazon has put together a spring sale for some of the hottest (well, maybe not THE hottest, but some of them) videogames out on the market right now. The discount for these games is going as high as 75% with titles like the Darkness II selling for a meager $12.49. The list of games on sale includes everything from hits last year to newly released titles."

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aquamala2243d ago

Ridiculous price for the darkness 2, game is less than 2 months old!

Newsman2243d ago

Nice find. I fired my scout :(

KonaBro2243d ago

I already bought L.A. Noire and The Saboteur for only $10! I love Spring sales!

paddystan2243d ago

Do I need to live in USA to buy?

KING852243d ago

That L.A. Noire price kinda made me sad, but then I realized it wasn't the complete edition. For the regular edition that's a fantastic price as well as the other prices. I have a PC and console, but I must say between consoles and PC, the price is games are in favor of PC gamers. Consoles have pretty nice exclusives which I enjoy, but nothing beats picking up a less than 2 month old game for a fraction of the original price.

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