Why I’m Not Into MMO’s

A writer from the One More Level gaming blog explains why he's not really into MMO's.

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ATi_Elite2360d ago

Basically this person is staying away from MMO's for fear of severe "MMO addiction"! Well i can't be mad at that! Wouldn't want you neglecting yourself or anyone around you cause you couldn't stop playing a game cause it unfortunately does happen.

But on the the flipside............."Wan na play Guild Wars 2"? Come on man don't be a wuss! Everybody is doing it! It's what ALL the cool people will be playing and you wanna be cool right?

KING852360d ago

I've never played an MMO because when I watch gameplay online it looks a bit tedious with inventory and what not. I'm now getting into PC gaming and I am not really that big of an RPG guy. I do however have interest in maybe tryin out SWTOR as I am a Star Wars fan. If I do play an RPG it would have to be along the lines of Oblivion or better yet The Witcher 2. I'm trying to broaden my palete so to speak, but one thing that gripes me is fhe games where you choose an action and then the player does it i.e. final fantasy. I believe you call that turn based RPG. I rather an action RPG. Maybe I'll give it a try to see if I can get into it.