Warriors Orochi 3 Review - IGN


Omega Force pays tribute to its fans with the richest and best Warriors title to date.

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FlashXIII2299d ago

8.5 for what is essentially a new Dynasty Warrior game? W-T-F? Does anyone own this and can actually backup this review and say this game is THAT good? Used to love the old Dynasty Warrior games on the ps2 but got bored of them.

izumo_lee2299d ago

From what i have seen & played a little of it is not bad at all. the cool thing is the games roster is massive with over 100+ characters to use from the entire library of 'Warriors' games. The addition of Ryu Hayabusa & Ayane are a nice addition.

I would not rate it as high as 8.5 but a solid 7/7.5 cause like all Dynasty games it gets repetitive. However with all the characters to choose from it is pure fan service for Dynasty Warrior fans.

Emilio_Estevez2299d ago

It's sitting at a solid 7.8 right now on N4G, so it sounds about right. Only one 6 review score, Most common is 8's and 8.5's.