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Nitrowolf22357d ago

"for no extra charge"

Emilio_Estevez2357d ago

They would have been burned at the stake if they tried to charge for it. Glad to see they will follow through though.

Ashunderfire862357d ago

Actually they will be lynched(less violent lol!!!). Funny how some people wanted to actually pay for the alternate ending? I always said that the content should be free, and now I would spread this news to my friends.

VanguardOfCalamity2357d ago

Fans Victorious: Mass Effect 3 to Expand Ending with Free DLC

GrieverSoul2357d ago (Edited 2357d ago )

I can already see the articles about gamers not being entitled to change the developers ending. Or that ranting will get a game to be changed.

But!!! If you think about! Maybe this is a good thing. Maybe developers will learn that they can send a crappy ending to consumers. Consumers will get angry. Developer will announce a better ending in the coming months. Gamers rejoice and dont trade the game in order to have when the DLC releases. Maybe, EA thought about this but wanted to get paid for the DLC. But $#&/ got hot and they decided to release it for free.

Conspiracy theory much?! Maybe... We will never know.

aCasualGamer2357d ago

They will charge extra for it, later on when they announce "Mass Effect 3 Complete Edition - with all the DLC and extended ending!"

That's the way they'll take advantage of their own mistake and make money from it.

exsturminator012357d ago

The English site has an asterisk next to free saying it expires April 12th.

I think you have to buy the game before then and register it to get the content for free since it releases in the summer. Good for me and those that have it, but lol at EA still finding a way to charge for it.

As to thoughts on the announcement itself...well, I'm hopeful. I guess I'll have to wait till summer to see if they actually wrap up the things that were bugging me or if they just draw out the bonkers stuff another ten minutes and leave things where they were to begin with. Personally would have preferred something like what the indoctrination theory folks wanted, but meh, I just want the game to be worth playing through again. At this point its just depressing knowing what all the hard work leads to. A DA:O slideshow would be enough if they did it right.

justpassinggas2357d ago

How are they following through? They're going to just build up on the turd of an ending they had before. How does putting a cherry on top of a turd turn it into a sundae?

What the entire fan outcry has been about is that the current ending goes against what Mass Effect has been about. The number one issue is CHOICE. There should have been a number of drastically different endings, not just colour swaps. Your actions throughout the trilogy should have affected the ending in a significant manner.

What we got was a turd sandwich. And now they're just going to put some ketchup on it and call it a day. Gimme a break.

exsturminator012357d ago

@justpassinggas: I agree with this possibility, but we don't know what the extension actually is yet. It might be a cherry on a turd, or it could be a proper farewell to the series with revelations as to what was going on (Forbes article pointed out they could still go Indoc Theory on this if they wanted its so vague). I just wanted to speak up and recommend patience until we see what it is. A retcon was never in the cards, but explanation and a look at what comes after or why things were happening could have a huge impact. Also, most choices were reflected in cutscenes throughout the game, not gameplay. A modified, cutscene heavy ending could show all those consequences we wanted. Sadly, we won't know till summer.

ionicmoose2357d ago

exsturminator01, it says April 12, 2014....

VanillaBear2357d ago

See all these "Why the ME3 ending change is bad" articles will soon be changing in the next month

This is why gamers have got to start standing up for themselfs and not let developers walk all over us.

You know we were going to get this DLC regardless if people up roared about the ending, since it's pretty obvious Bioware never got the ending finished in the first place but you want tot know what would of been differen't.........we would of had to pay.

So all you white knights out there who have been defending about a "Sorry" to all the apparent "moaners"/"cryb abies"

**Does we did it dance**

exsturminator012357d ago

@ionicmoose lols, you're totally right. Bubble-up vote for you for pointing out my obvious fail. Well, wish I could redact some of THAT comment =P

nolson102357d ago


Yeah, and then if you read EXTRA hard it says 2014. Thats 2 years from now it expires when nobody cares anymore about mass effect 3

da_2pacalypse2357d ago

This won't fix anything... The ending is just bad.... I don't expect them to be able to fix it, they messed up... There was just logical fails... like:


The ghost kid says that he created the reapers (a synthetic) to prevent the biotics from being wiped out by other synthetics by wiping themout -_-

What about the fact that there is no choices in the ending? all three choices lead to the exact same ending (with a different explosion colour).... Bioware said before the game was released that the ending would not be consisted of an "A B C choice" and that it would take all the games of the trilogy into account... That is all a lie!

Septic2357d ago

Luckily enough for me I just got my copy of the game in the post! Wohoo!

hay2357d ago

Translation: "We wanted to sell you the post-ending as DLC, but golden poo hit the fan."

bakasora2357d ago

Did they mean Extended Add On? lol

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svoulis2357d ago

I know, and people need to appreciate this, because any "new gamers" from this gen wouldn't have gotten this luxury. When PS2 and Xbox were around there was none of this DLC shit and what not. Yeah Halo had map packs and stuff but it wasn't like it is today.

The whole DLC and Patch thing is a catch 22 on one hand it sucks cause we feel like we're getting cheated, but on the other things like this are possible.

Fans need to commend Bioware for this cause there are few if any companies that would give a [email protected]# about what the fans say and leave things as is.

Did Lucas listen to his fans about the latest blu-ray release?

Hell no. He did what he wanted and Bioware could've easily done the same.

So I as a gamer personally thank them for doing this. While I hated the ending I sure as hell didn't go out of my way to make myself look like an ass doing it.

ThichQuangDuck2357d ago

This will become a problem down the line, when some gamers feel the need for every ending to be fixed. Bioware just opened Pandora's box

torchic2357d ago


that's true right there. would be interesting to hear reaction from other developers.

Jazz41082357d ago

I never started the earth mission but I played up until that point. I did this as I knew wit all the backlash that bioware would do something about it so I have been waiting. Thank you to everyone who poke out nd didn't let this big corp in EA walk all over us and ruin one of our favorite developers in bioware. Now its time to turn are attenton to dragon age 2 lol

Aloren2357d ago

@ThichQuangDuck They're not changing it at all though, just adding more cinematics.

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ThichQuangDuck2357d ago

I do not know if they will still be able to make this dlc or cutscene that will please all. Hopefully it is an involving cutscene and not just a clarity cutscene that has no choice, time will tell and fanboys will be angry no matter what. This will set the precedent for people to complain about any ending or any movie and have it redone so now I want to see Raimi fix Spiderman 3, want to see Xmen 3 fixed, 24 seasons 6-8 need to be redone and Bioshock 1's ending needs to be redone. Does that sound entitled, yes because it is, I would just take the ending for what it is, they said there was going to be choice which was misleading,but hey people will mislead you in life.

svoulis2357d ago

All the fan boys are still angry even after this news. They will never be satisfied no matter what happens. I agree that the ending of anything that someone creates is up to them to decided how it ends. Even if Shepard had some cake and blew a whistle that what they would've gotten cause the writers chose to do it.

Everyone jokes about how single player doesn't matter anymore. At this rate it won't because developers don't want to deal with the crap the consumers are going to say.

Why doesn't everyone just make FPS games. That way the world will just shut up.


ThichQuangDuck2357d ago


I mean part of me understands their need for closure,but this has been handled completely wrong by fans. When a movie has a bad ending in theaters but the content is good, you do not demand a new ending you enjoy the movie for what it was and hope for an alternate ending on dvd. As I said this has opened Pandora's box, I wish Bioware would have stand by the ending they made, if they all actually contributed to it, if casey alone made the ending like rumors are saying than that is over controlling

ziggurcat2357d ago (Edited 2357d ago )

ME fans will still whine about it.

case in point:

"Gregory Lyon 2 hours ago

I’m sorry to say, but you are wrong. We did not win, we lost.

All we’re going to get is garbage excuses about why our squad stopped fighting, how they left the planet, why Joker flew away, how the Normandy was able to make it to the Sol relay in time, but not make a relay jump despite the codex telling us that it’s instantaneous. And we’re going to learn that the planet the crew crashed on will somehow be both Levo and Dextro based, despite science not working that way.

And we’re going to get all of this instead of what we really wanted: better endings. Endings worthy of not only the Mass Effect series, but Bioware as a whole.

I’m going to PAX East, and I will attempt to make my opinions heard, but I’m afraid it will fall on deaf ears. If that is the case, I will mourn both My Shepard and Bioware as dead and gone."

EDIT: seeing some of the reactions from the usual whiny suspects, it seems i was even more spot on in my prediction that ME fans would still whine about it.

ThichQuangDuck2357d ago

Everyone is a critic, if they complain this much they should just make the game with their own story and gameplay and buy it from themselves.

Megaton2357d ago

They would have had riots in the streets if they tried to charge for an epilogue to such a widely hated ending.

This is really all they could do. Obviously Casey Hudson and Mac Walters believe the pile of crap they created is masterful art, and it's their right to be so delusional. It would take way too much work to fix all the problems with the ending. An epilogue to fill in their plotholes might be enough to at least satisfy a lot of angry and disappointed fans.

GraveLord2357d ago

I guess EA is really trying to make up for that Golden Poo award they won lol.

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redDevil872357d ago (Edited 2357d ago )

Well all i can say is this better please the fans, otherwise there will be bloodshed lol.

TekoIie2357d ago

tbh if this doesnt please them i still congratulate EA on trying to do something right. Maybe they dont deserve the worst company in America award now considering they're giving something to people for free (technically).

Sony3602357d ago (Edited 2357d ago )

They only got that because the butthurt from the endings was still fresh in everyone's mind.

It's commendable that bioware and EA are gonna address it.

Anon19742357d ago

And if fans don't like this? Then what? They change it again, and again? And what about the fans who liked the ending, or would have liked the ending if they weren't denied it by the vocal group that wanted Bioware to bow to their particular whims.

I don't know. I don't like this. Hopefully, Bioware is just adding some extra stuff to cover plot holes rather than changing up everything. I'd hate to think the mob can now dictate to game developers how to create their art.

svoulis2357d ago (Edited 2357d ago )

In all honesty it shouldn't matter what the fans think, its what the creators make.

We all have our opinions on everything in life be it movies, games, what were going to do with our day, etc.. That doesn't change the fact that whoever writes,draws,creates something ultimately have the power to see it end as they see fit.

Bioware is doing something extremely rare, and as much as it might kick them in the ass, don't expect other studios to follow suit. This is so rare that a developer actually listens to their fans and tries to make it up to them in some way.

It's a sad day in the gaming world when the fans have the power to destroy and alter the creators creation. I know I keep getting disagrees, but it's not my fault that the rest of these ungrateful brats are still that butt hurt.

Imalwaysright2357d ago

Please STFU. All the fans want is for Bioware to fulfil their promisses. They can do whathever the fuck they want with their so called art "to get the fans talking" -_-. Just dont try to sell us their art with lies. I can turn the blind eye on an ending that doesnt make any sense, filled with plotholes and that contradicts the universe they created but do not lie to us and expect us to keep quite about it. LIE ---> Your choices will determine the outcome of the trilogy. (main selling point of the franchise) <--- LIE They got the backlash they deserved. Next time they will keep their mouth shut and not make promisses they cant keep.

TheBlackSmoke2357d ago

If your still complaining after this extended cut then sorry but you deserve to be called whiny and entitled.

I just hope people understand right now that this will EXTEND and not REWRITE the ending, otherwise the butthurt moaning will commence all over again.

Ultimately I thought the ending lacked closure but im willing to accept it because its biowares vision and biowares art. No amount of stay at home armchair game developers should ever dictate what bioware ultimately do so im happy that they are sticking to their vision and just expanding on it.

wallis2357d ago

Wow theres nothing like getting excited over some news only for it to be in German. I don't want to seem hostile to other cultures but for the sakes of common sense and practicality shouldn't German gaming sites written German with a German audience NOT get posted on a site with primarily English speaking readers.

RedDead2357d ago

What? Why don't you just leave this article and wait for an English site to post up the info then? I'll gladly take what I can get when it comes to this stuff.

Afterlife2357d ago (Edited 2357d ago )

I agree. Here's the announcement, http://www.computerandvideo...

BDSE2357d ago

What an odd position to take, particularly as most modern browsers translate automatically these days.

Qu'est-ce une position étrange de prendre, d'autant plus que les navigateurs Internet les plus modernes de traduire automatiquement ces jours-ci.

¡Qué extraña posición a tomar, especialmente en lo que los navegadores de Internet más modernos traducir automáticamente en estos días.

Was für eine seltsame Stellung zu nehmen, zumal die meisten modernen Internet-Browsern automatisch übersetzen in diesen Tagen.

Τι μια περίεργη θέση να λάβει, ιδίως σε ό, πιο σύγχρονα προγράμματα περιήγησης στο διαδίκτυο μεταφράζει αυτόματα αυτές τις μέρες.

一個奇怪的位置,特別是最現代的互聯網瀏覽器的自動翻譯這些天 。

最も近代的なインターネットブラウザは、これらの日を自動的に 翻訳するように奇数位置は特に、取るべき。

sjaakiejj2357d ago

I actually agree.. I don't think foreign sites should be submitted (or even allowed) on N4G. Even if they are translated by Google or your browser, the sites are usually slow, and the translation is difficult to understand. I think there's some work to be done to improve the standards of submitted articles, perhaps using the ranking of websites to categorise it and give users a better experience. Besides, any news that's credible will be on English websites as well.

SkyGamer2357d ago

Remember EA ia a German company. Of course they would release it there first. Since EA owns Bioware...

sjaakiejj2357d ago

Not sure if joking, or seriously unaware...

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Mythicninja2357d ago

This doesn't sound good. From the way it reads, that was the real ending, and they're expanding on it, so no indoctrination :-(. If that is the case hopefully they explain the asenine idea why synthetics kill organics to prevent synthetics from killing organics. Or the fact that they they take a big crap on the theme building up in the whole game that synthetics can work together (geth, EDI) with organics

iamironman2357d ago

why would the ending that shipped with the game not be the "real ending". here's an idea, the creators of a game define the ending not the people that play the game. if that was the case, and fans are loud enough, every ending in every game and movie would be changed.

imagine if that happened to other things that you like?

just because you don't like something doesn't make it your right to have it changed.

TekoIie2357d ago

So does this mean they are adding endings or redoing them all? As in the indoctrination endings are still going to be one of many?

Mythicninja2357d ago

This is exactly why people should think before they type. If you reread what I said, I referenced indoctrination. I didn't say I had a right for the ending to change. I was, and kind of still am hoping for indoctrination theory to be correct. Speaking of rights and "entitlement" yes, I have no right to have the ending changed. They can shit all over the masterful writing of the first game, and throw themes foreshadowed right out the window. Heck, they can even bring on a new character at the end of the game that makes no sense whatsoever. They however have to prove that my money is worth spending on their future titles. See how that works? They don't have to change a thing, and I don't have to spend my money on them. 2 way road. Supply and demand. Did that soak through your head now? If the ending is as crappy as it stands I and a lot of people will not buy future bioware titles, and at the end of the day that is what matters to them. Lets hope indoctrination theory is right.

exsturminator012357d ago (Edited 2357d ago )

It's not our right to change the ending. It is our right to voice dissatisfaction with a purchase, refuse future purchases, and disavow our support; its called speaking with your money. We said that's what we'd do if they didn't want to address the ending. They decided it was easier/cheaper to try to please us than to start over with a fresh fanbase.

Why is that bad? Because it messes up their artistic rights? Artists either cater to their client, keep their support and make money, or they stick to their guns, risk dissatisfaction and lose money; that is every artist's choice with every piece. Neither is wrong, but the artist isn't entitled to anything either. Bioware had the right to make the ending as it was, consumers had the right to protest it and withdraw support, and now Bioware has the right to ignore them or appease them in the interest of future products.

@pekolie: they don't say. It's vague enough they could do anything (including a cutscene ending showing the indoctrination theory playing out), but my thoery is that they'll show cutscnes/sideshows of the various races and characters their future based on your past actions. The current ending will stay, but they'll try to paint a less apocalyptic future than the cliffhanger currently implies.

Reborn2357d ago

Hmm, do we have to replay the last mission to get to see it? Or will there be some form of option etc?

TekoIie2357d ago

by extended cut i assume there'll be a few sleight differences throughout the game as well as additional endings (hopefully)

ThichQuangDuck2357d ago

I believe it is solely added on to the end of the game from what I am reading, it is a epilogue and new ending cutscene. I do not believe they are doing a director's cut of the full game