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Hirai to outline Sony's new business strategy next week

What will the Sony CEO say about its gaming business.
kaz hirai -

Sony CEO Kaz Hirai will head up a briefing in Tokyo next week during which he will outline Sony's new business strategy.

Reuters reports that Sony is under great pressure to "turn around its business" after predicting a $2.7 billion loss for its current fiscal year.

But what changes will the electronics giant make? The firm's PC and tablet business looks a likely area of concern, but gaming too could come under the spotlight. Will Hirai reveal Sony's next generation intentions and what of the future of the flagging PS Vita? (Industry, PS Vita, PS3, PSP, Sony)

sinncross  +   1239d ago
Let's go Kaz!

ganbatte kudasai!
cynosure  +   1239d ago
If anybody can save the company its him
DarkSniper  +   1239d ago
Dark Sniper will be there front and center to check out Kaz Hirai's next move and he future of the always lucrative Sony Computer Entertainment. Kaz has been with SCE since the days of the original PlayStation, one of the last few core components of the Ken Kutaragi era.

Sony has always got a plan in place, which is why they are the market leader in consumer electronics. Dark Sniper will be glad to visit N4G.com to check out the latest news and stories coming from Kaz and the rest of the Sony army.

cynosure  +   1239d ago
Ill assume this is sarcasm.They are not market leader in anything anymore.Right now they are trying to survive
torchic  +   1239d ago
you have to admit, Sony creats hardware that in most cases is class leading or there about. their marketshare isn't what it used to be in some sections, but their products are always top notch. you actually get what you're paying for, unlike Apple.

what I want to see from Kaz most of all is what he intends on doing with VAIO and XPERIA, two parts of the Sony catalog that have fallen due to Sony's laziness. and of course, the future of PlayStation. will he make it a top priority in the portfolio? will alocate more ¥¥¥ to PlayStation for advertising?
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CarlitoBrigante  +   1239d ago
They were market leader on all fronts, until cheap ass companies came that started selling cheap products so it was difficult for Sony to bring expensive quality products to the man.

They were/are marketleader in:

-Entertainment systems
-CD players
No Way  +   1239d ago
Sony's TV's are overpriced. :/
gtxgamer2   1239d ago | Personal attack | show
CaptainofCrush  +   1239d ago
They sure need one cause the Playstation brand is dwindling.
MakeBelieve  +   1239d ago
The playstation brand is dwindling? IDK how you can say that because of the great success the ps1, psp, and ps3 have had. Not even to mention the huge success of the ps2. Still the ps3 is gaining even more exclusives and new developers, and more and more apps.

Yes, Hirai can make or brake the playstation brand, but to say its dwindling is just wrong.

Thats my 2 cents.
Wintersun616  +   1239d ago
Your bubbles are dwindling.

Back on topic: IMO they should change their laptop and tablet sides of business. There's a lot more competitors in those fields and their computers don't have that same wide appeal as their consoles.
chaos-lockheart  +   1239d ago
and so is yours
Caffo01  +   1239d ago
and yours..
tigertron  +   1239d ago
I can't believe you got 3 agrees.
ritsuka666  +   1239d ago
I don't hate Sony, I think they did a lot of "right" things with the PS1 and PS2, however it cant be denied that they got a bit disappointing with the PS3.
DiRtY  +   1239d ago
after four years of losses, they should really have a good plan for their future.
Unexpecta  +   1239d ago
Kaz Hirai looks like a serious, no BS person. I believe that he will bring Sony back to the spot light and give them the glory they deserve.
TheUnbiasedLion  +   1239d ago
Stop making tvs, to much competition. Start using china for manufacturing.

Bring back some creative flare to your laptops, cause vaios are great.

Leave the ps brand how it is, it's going strong.
TrueStoryGuy  +   1239d ago
Sony needs to start INNOVATING rather than taking other people's ideas and expect customers to pay a premium for replicating technology.
kreate  +   1239d ago
they brought blu ray into the market?


"Although bluray is good for gaming i think digital distribution is the future of home film "

well that sucks :(
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cynosure  +   1239d ago
Although bluray is good for gaming i think digital distribution is the future of home film
catfrog  +   1239d ago
sony has actually been the only company to actually bring an innovation to the gaming industry in the last generation, every piece of hardware in gaming has been another companies innovation that a gaming company brought to the gaming market, sonys cell and blueray have been the only real innovations. sure, they had help, but they were the only gaming company actively developing new technologies to bring to the industry, everyone else recycled others ideas to apply to a new industry
izumo_lee  +   1239d ago
Kaz has a lot of work on his hands to fix what has happened to Sony as a whole over the last decade or so.

Their once unbeatable TV division has fallen out of flavor to the majority of consumers for cheaper products by Samsung & Sharp. The film industry as a whole is not like it once was. Their mobile division was average at best. The Playstation brand has lost its luster thanks to poor management by Crazy Ken Kutaragi.

It is a uphill road for Kaz but he seems like a suitable business man & he has made great strides within Sony to bring the PS3 out of the hole they dug themselves in at the beginning of this gen.

Every struggling business needs a start to turn things around & for Sony that start is next week.
Bluemaster77  +   1238d ago
Not cheaper but better products , sony's tvs are wildly overpriced and are often out performed. , We dont even need to talk about their computers.
Bluemaster77  +   1239d ago
Just drop the price of the Vita by at least $60 bucks and I will surely invest. Oh and throw in a memory unit
TheRealHeisenberg  +   1239d ago
Add a little humility to that strategy Sony. Arrogance did not work in the previous go around.
smashcrashbash  +   1239d ago
Instead if making snide and discouraging remarks can people just be happy that Sony is doing something about their situation so they can save the very games and system we all loved.

@ TrueStoryGuy. Still repeating the same BS people have been saying all this time huh? How is Sony any different from any other company? All of them have taken a idea from someone else at some point in time. It is easy to do something that someone else has done and make it better but is very hard to make something different. That is basic business sense. Nintendo took Sony's AR tech for their 3DS. Was that innovation? No. But you don't see anyone tearing into them for doing it.

@ Bluemaster77 lower the price and go bankrupt in the process. Great plan. You know it is a good thing companies don't go to N4G for advice or they all would go bankrupt and be living in a gutter by now.

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