JRPGs- Is It Time To Get Changed?

After yesterdays rather peculiar announcement by Square-Enix about Final Fantasy XIII-2 stars dressing up in Prada’s Spring/Summer ’12 Mens Collection for Arena Homme+, it got me thinking about JRPGs and their general appeal to a western audience.

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ShadyDevil2328d ago

It was a rather peculiar announcement. RPGS now seem so dull and easy compared to what they used to be.

AllroundGamer2328d ago

as a oldschool JRPGer myself i just have to agree... the todays JRPGs are so lame and dull :( still waiting for some good old turnbase JRPG to be released :/

Troll-without-Bridge2328d ago

Are you serious? There's been tons of Turn based RPg's released this gen.

Stop sucking on the blockbuster tits and go play some great games that don't get the attention they deserve.

Wolfbiker2328d ago

Try Lost Odyssey, Eternal Sonata, abd Nier for some compelling jrpg's and be on the lookout for Xenoblade, The Last Story, Ni No Kuni, and Tales of Xillia for upcoming potentially great jrpg's.

FlashXIII2328d ago (Edited 2328d ago )

To be perfectly honest everybody should take Square-Enix's announcements with a pinch of salt and any thoughts that swell up in the brain from their announcements should be immediately met with a hammer to the skull. Square clearly have lost the plot when it comes to JRPGs on current gen consoles.

Just read the article and stopped at having prada ingame costumes as a stroke of brilliant.. R-E-A-L-L-Y? I think it's the most retarded implemented feature I've read in a long time.. even disc locked content makes more sense. Perhaps if they spent more time thinking about how to make a great game instead of making money with retarded ideas, their game wouldn't already be reduced from £40 to £16 on some online retailer websites. Never seen a AAA title go down in price so fast.

Starfox8112328d ago

The point isn't to put in premium brands like Prada for the hell of it, it was to say how about when it can be applied we put in more normal looks. Noel would wear whatever he wanted because he came from a future, a desolate one at that, and tbh it would suggest as the last man on earth his clothes wouldn't be as pristine as they are in XIII-2 anyway.

I'm not trying to change the RPG genre, or say they should change gameplay, or plot or anything like that. What I'm saying is, how about we put in some more normal looking characters and let their scriptwriting win us over instead of their over the top attire. As given an example in the article, look at FFVII's characters who are dressed rather normally (on the whole) for their environment and as such won a huge set of fans.

It wasn't about removing the JRPG and changing it to make some new format either, it was just about widening their appeal outside of japan without diluting the gameplay and story.

TopDudeMan2328d ago

I actually think the fact that they're changing is the problem.

Wolfbiker2328d ago

I always thought Noel's clothing would be more in line with fang and vanielle's as well as not so pristine ...hard to believe the last human on earth is wearing perfectly put together atire.

I think Noctis seems likable in an interesting way because he seems like a dick...he seems like a rich, arrogant young man...not very likable but at the same time 'cool'.

mamotte2328d ago

Nah, Final Fantasy should stop changing, and comeback to what it was before FFX. JRPGs are fine, Xenoblade, The Last Story, and not so recent games like Golden Sun or The World ends With You are awesome examples of this, we just have to stop assuming that Final Fantasy = All the JPRG genre.

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