Deadlight - Gameplay Trailer

Having recently wowed audiences at Microsoft's Spring Showcase, Deadlight from Tequlia Works / Microsoft Studios gains its first official gameplay trailer. Prepare to be blown away.

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green2299d ago

Great art direction. Really looking good.

r212299d ago

wow, this game looks amazing for a downloadable game. props to the developers.

KeiserSosay47882299d ago

That looks pretty awesome actually.

Chuk52299d ago

So many good downloadable games coming to xbla.
I need to get FEz and Trials, and I have enough ms points for one more 1200 point game. This is it.

JellyJelly2299d ago

It's really incredible how many quality titles they churn out on XBLA. I have a huge backlog of games I haven't finished yet like Torchlight, Bastion and Joe Danger SE, but FEZ, Trials and Deadlight look like must have titles. :)